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Hi Jorge! Sorry to hear you're struggling to get back up after you fall down in the first map. > γ…‘< πŸ’¦

If you go to the left after falling down, you should see an icon that lets you unlock the Earth fairy! 깜찍 After you get the fairy, you can start drawing Earth platforms that you can draw over and over again to go back up!

I've recorded a gif to help you! :3 Let me know if you're still stuck! And thank you trying out our game. ^ ^

Thank you for asking Pelayer1! :D

Unfortunately, we haven't really thought about the minimal specs required to play our game γ…  γ…‘γ…  Sorry about not having that ready for you! λˆˆλ¬Ό

We recommend having a computer that is strong enough to play games like League of Legends! (Sorry for the vague description . . .) Hope you are able to play Sumi and the Soulless Spirits! We'd be so happy if you could. πŸ’š

Hi RainyBadge96454! Thanks for the question! :3 We're not entirely sure if this is runnable on a 32-bit Windows computer, but we're less confident it will run smoothly. We highly recommend trying to find a computer with slightly better specs to run the game for the best experience possible! λ―Έμ†Œ

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we hope you can try out our game! We'd be honored!! πŸ’™

AHHHH!! πŸ’™ We're all so VERY excited to watch the review! μ‹ λ‚¨ 동글이 I love the videos you've created for other content, so it's super awesome that we'll be getting one for our small game! I appreciate the time and effort you've gone into making us a video and we're on the lookout for it! 


Hi!!! Wow, thank you so much for offering!  Very kind and thoughtful of you to reach out! λ―Έμ†Œ 동글이 

At the moment, I believe we have someone for PT-BR translations, but if some mishaps occur, will definitely reach out! 

Thank you lots!! πŸ’›

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Hi Hikiyami Moriko! Thank you so very much for trying out short, simple game we made in a week.  μ’‹μ•„ πŸ’›

Your gameplay video was made super nicely! c: Superb quality, thank you for putting it together! I loved all the comments you made about the art and comments towards the voice lines hehe, made me giggle!

Sorry that your experience wasn't totally the best! We definitely were ambitious when trying to implement an immersive tutorial (one that doesn't show dialogue/hints) that wasn't executed very well for the jam. But because lots of people felt that the tutorial could have been better, that was our biggest priority in our 1.1 build! ^ γ…‘^ If the first playthrough wasn't TOO jarring, we would be extremely honored if you had another stab at Sumi! c: 

Regardless, thank you again LOTS and LOTS for playing and making a video for our little game!! 신남 동글이

AHH very exciting! Thank you so much for including us in your list of indie games to play! I love your choice of indie games - there's a lot of really cool ones I see (like Path of Kami, absolutely gorgeous!!)

Please keep us updated once you upload your video! ^ γ…‘^ And if you'd like to try out our newest build, we would be so honored! μ’‹μ•„

Wahhhh!!! Thank you so much for trying out our game and recording a gameplay video!! μ‹ λ‚¨ 동글이

WOW You are absolutely fast - you breezed through a lot of puzzles that stumped many other players haha. So skilled! c:

Thanks again for playing! ^ ^  πŸ’› We just released a more polished build with some cutscenes/updates if you'd like to try it again! :3 

Hi everyone! ^ γ…‘^ Hope you're all having a great day~!  β€οΈ

Wanted to shoutout a game that a group of 5 college students recently finished during the College Game Jam last weekend! It was a blast to participate in and thank you for hosting it! C:

We've polished up the game just a wee bit the past few days after the conclusion of the jam! 



The world of magic is crumbling, which is causing mayhem among the fairies who guard the enchanted forest. You are an apprentice mage who is guided by the different fairy clans to learn and master the wizardry elements. By gathering their elemental orbs, perhaps peace can be restored once again.

  W / Spacebar (jump), (move left), (move right)

  EInteract with items (orb holders)

  Left mouse click - draw platforms (once you've unlocked it)

  Right mouse click - switch between elements 


Haha, thank you very much!! Very happy to hear that you enjoy it! ^ γ…‘^

Wow... I am quite taken away by such a beautifully well written review that outlines a lot of the key mechanics so well! Our dev team has been blown away by the sheer level of dedication and thoughtfulness you put into this comment! γ…  γ…‘γ…  THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m so especially happy that the game left such a positive note on you! 

I had absolutely so much fun on this game!! :D I'm so bad at arcade-type games where quick reaction times and key sensitivity is important HAHA πŸ’¦ But I enjoyed this so much, I kept trying and trying even though I die within like 2 seconds > γ…‘< doh. 

LOVE love love the parallaxing background! The animations are so SMOOTH and cute too (seeing the boy cry makes me cry TOO γ…  γ…‘γ… ) Everything is just so cohesive and polished, I can't believe it was made in a single jam! The music really adds to the retro-feel of the game as well~!  Not to mention, I haven't played a game where you need to control two characters (the balloon and the boy) at once - my brain is trying to keep up with one LOL HAHA, so clever and adds so much more entertainment value!

I... don't really have any constructive criticism because everything was done so well! But... if there was an easy mode, I'd definitely welcome that! xD I'm struggling a little too much here..

Firstly, I absolutely loved watching the development of this game - thanks for posting all your progress shots! It has come such a long way, and I loved that you were incorporating feedback in real time during the jam. :3 I've mentioned this before, but the physics of the water is just so smooth and seamless. I'm prone to seasickness, and never once did I get that vibe! You really mastered the physics there. I also liked the small touches you added with your own handwriting on the note and the little wi-fi signals coming out! Haha. 

I think it would have been nice to include some tooltip icons in-game for controls and movement, but that's just a small thing that doesn't bother me too much! :D

Thanks for making an amazing open world game Eric! ^γ…‘ ^

AHHH this was such a cute and adorable game! I saw earlier in a comment that your writer whipped out like 19 pages in just a couple days - AMAZING!! I have no idea how your writer managed that, but that is pure impressive! :3 The UI meshes so well with all the other graphics and the animations and sound effects just puts the level of polish and finesses to the next level! γ…  γ…‘γ…  Just gorgeous work overall! Like others, I too would have loved to see more branching, but given the time limit of this jam, what you've achieved already is downright near impossible!

One of the most charming games I've played (not only from this jam, but overall)! ^ γ…‘^

Wow!! I really want to say I love how innovative the mechanics are here! You expanded past the idea of a typical visual novel by adding a type of platformer element to it! I have never seen a game do that before, and I'm not sure what the process was like coming up with that idea, but it is pure brilliance! ^ γ…‘^ The color palette work so well together, and the sound effects are spot on! :3 Art is too cute for words, and kudos to you for drawing out your entire logo! Must have taken quite a bit of time. 

Honestly, given the time constraints, I think your game was really well made and well polished! Things I would have loved to see is maybe a sneak peek of some dialogue above each choice you connect to. :D But the mystery of not knowing is what makes it fun, so not sure if that suggestion is warranted.. HAHA!

Overall, had a blast playing! ^γ…‘ ^

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First of all, I wanted to say thank you SO VERY MUCH for playing our little game! μ’‹μ•„ The dev team had a lot of fun watching your Let's Play video!! And we're super glad the music was enjoyable and you liked our sqooshy protagonist HAHA! πŸ’•

Also, to answer a couple questions from your video~ ^ γ…‘^

  • We are indeed all students! :3
  • I actually haven't watched Adventure Time before (sadly) HAHA, but I know a few characters from that show! I actually didn't notice the similarity until you mentioned it, bahaha!
  • "You're cute enough to brighten up any day" - I DIED LAUGHING HAHA, your commentary is so hilarious, I love it! πŸ’›
  • You mentioned a lot of things we were hoping to have implemented before the game jam was over, but we had less than a week to fit everything in (such as the mud rocks you talked about, and the lake - we really wanted that! Haha)
  • As for the platform rocks, I actually hand-painted them! c: I wish I knew how to do low-poly art LOL! Something to check off my bucket list of things to learn one day. :3 Here's what they look like in a bigger resolution:

Sorry this response ended up being so long, but I REALLY really liked your gameplay video so, so much! Thank you for taking the time to make such a high quality video and playing our game! λ―Έμ†Œ

AHHHHH πŸ’¦ This is such a lovely review, thank you so much for writing such a comprehensive one xiongc! μ‹ λ‚¨ 동글이  I'm so happy that your favorite was the UI, haha I'm so honored!!  (And yes. . .unfortunately, we noticed the unclickable Quit menu a little too late HAHA! But we have fixed it for the upcoming update! :3)

And I completely agree - we could have done a better job introducing some of the mechanics in the game (like with the slimes)! ^ γ…‘^ We hope to do a better job next time!

Thank you!!

AWWWW, you are absolutely precious and too sweet! Thank you so much, Napuyums!! λ―Έμ†Œ All of us developers were super stoked when we watched your gameplay video, we really appreciate you making one! Your adorable commentary and thoughtfulness were a thrill to watch~ ^ γ…‘^ And we're super flattered you want more content! πŸ’•

Thanks again for your super encouraging words!!

Ahhhh thank you so much!! It really means a lot to hear that you enjoyed the art and animations! μ’‹μ•„ Yes! I completely agree that we could have done a little more to help players differentiate the foreground and background! ^ γ…‘^ Hopefully in our upcoming update, we address that better. Thank you lots for the feedback and the overall experience - we'll definitely be using it to improve our approach in future games! πŸ’–

Absolutely loooooved this! :D Loved the diversity of the cast and all!

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Thank you hasnot!! We really appreciate the honesty and thoughtful feedback!!  λ―Έμ†Œ Our goal for this game was definitely not making our players feel uncomfortable, and if that's what happened, I'm really truly sorry about giving you that experience! γ…  γ…‘γ… 

Originally, I actually envisioned Sumi in shorts (I wear shorts with skirts and dresses!), but looking back and reading your comment I can see how it doesn't look that way. We've planned our post-jam update to address that issue so that her shorts are longer and hopefully won't look like underwear! 

Again, thank you very much for bringing it to our attention, and I'll be sure to take a step back from my artwork much more often so things like that don't slip from my eye next time! κΉœμ° πŸ’–

Thank you so much musicworm!! I seriously appreciate all the support, kindness and encouragement you've shown us (on the devlog and such!) μ’‹μ•„ It has been so very heartwarming!

Definitely agree! I think a better tutorial would have been very helpful - and we'll definitely be more conscientious about that in the future! ^ γ…‘^ Thank you again!! 

Aghhh, thank you so much for this beautiful review! μ—‰μ—‰ 동글이 I'm soooo elated to hear that the voice lines gave Sumi more character!!  ^ γ…‘^ Katiana did such a wonderful job! 

Oh! Which area were you referring to? (We did plan a few areas to be unlocked using the platform debris as a mechanic! λ―Έμ†Œ Since you may need to step on multiple slimes at once to deactivate the laser!) But if there was an area that didn't seem like it should be unlocked or seemed funky, that would be great to know! Thank you for pointing it out! c: And yes, unfortunately we forgot to address the issue of users getting to the ending scene without all the fairies. γ…  γ…‘γ…  πŸ’¦

Super thrilled you liked exploring and becoming the next avatar! >:3

Wow!!! This was such an extensive review with so much wonderful commentary. Thank you so much worblir!! μ‹ λ‚¨ 동글이

You are absolutely right - there are definitely areas that might be a little misleading due to lighting/coloring schemes! Definitely something to be more mindful in the future, t hank you! And the ending - like you mentioned - is a bug HAHA πŸ’¦ Kind of forgot to consider the possibility of players reaching the end point without all the faeries, OOPS! γ…  γ…‘γ…  We've fixed that for our post-jam update though, so hopefully it won't be as bad! Hehe.

Thank you again for taking the time to write out such a wonderful review! Makes us all very happy you enjoyed it. :3

Whooo!!! μ›ƒμŒ λ…Έλž€λ™κΈ€μ΄ Thanks so much for giving the game a shot! c: I know it's a bit short, but we hope you enjoy it! ^ γ…‘^

Wahhh μ‹ λ‚¨ 동글이 I'm so very happy to hear that! Thank you so much!! We're super glad to hear that you've enjoyed it~! πŸ’–

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As for the last "update" to our devlog, thought I'd just share our game design document with our original goals and plans constantly being re-adjusted (probably took out about 75% of our monster mechanics). We were super ambitious!

✨ Sumi Game Design Document βœ¨

And a process shot of how I built my animations, using Sumi's jump animation to showcase my process! ^ γ…‘^


The final version is missing one frame so it looks a little jankier than the drafts haha!

Thank you to everyone who supported us on our journey and kept up with our devlog!! Everyone was amazing and the community was absolutely inspirational! πŸ’–

Thanks so much Rosko!! Very happy you found it cool ^ γ…‘^ Hehe!

Aw, thank you so much!! It was a nice kind of break for me throughout the jam to just stop and see what we've accomplished in the past 24 hours haha! Appreciate the kind thoughts. c:

Oh my goodness! This is such an adorable game, I love the art so, so much! Everything is extremely clean and polished and the mechanics are incredibly fun and clever! I adore that you can toggle between the character and the personalities of both Arlo and Oswald are so memorable! Everything was so well put together that I can't believe it was done in a single game jam! :3

P.S. I'm so bad at games. . . I couldn't get past the tutorial where you learn to throw while jumping LOL. Any hints? :3

WOW!! AHHH! I really loved the let's play video! Thank you SO so much for making one! μ’‹μ•„

(I love how in the beginning you were testing out how  short of a platform you could draw haha~!)

(I also really liked watching you see how different elements in the game connected in some way! ^ γ…‘^)

I enjoyed the gameplay video very much!

Thank you so much!! λ―Έμ†Œ I'm really glad that you like the art style! Yes - agreed! I think some of the puzzle pieces could have definitely used a few cues or tutorial of some sort. Thank you for the feedback! 

Thank you so much!! μ’‹μ•„

Yes, our 3D environment artist Vyre is absolutely talented at what she does!! c: Hehe

WAHHH, thank you so much!! Those compliments mean a lot from an amazing and skilled animator like yourself!  신남 동글이 (Not to mention in 3D)!

Yes, unfortunately we didn't realize the bug in the Pause Menu (Quit/Back buttons not working) until after we submitted πŸ’¦ HAHA! But our post-jam update shall have it up and running! Also you're absolutely right! I think adding a post-processing effect would have helped mesh the 2D assets with the 3D background! :3 Thank you! Hopefully next time we try to do a 2D + 3D mix game, we can do that! ^ γ…‘

Thank you so much!! You touch on so many good points about how to improve the overall game! c: It makes us so happy to know that the puzzles were interesting and stumping... in a good way (hopefully)?! ν™”남 λ…Έλž€λ™κΈ€μ΄ We hope to touch on some of the mechanics you mention post-jam by adding some visual/audio cues!

Thanks again for playing!!  ^ γ…‘^ 

Oh my gosh, reading that you felt the game was super cozy and spiritual brings a HUGE smile to my face! That's the mood we were aiming for so I'm glad it came across well! 

And definitely agree with you - I am a "spacebar" jumper as well! Given that you only need to press spacebar a few times in the game to interact with items, the much-used spacebar keystroke should have probably be used for jump and used a different keystroke for interact! Thank you for playing and super happy that you enjoyed it! λ―Έμ†Œ

Wahhh thank you!! I'm so flattered you enjoyed the graphics (and that it helped you stick around for a little bit longer LOL)! ν™”남 λ…Έλž€λ™κΈ€μ΄

Our team was originally hoping to make the world more immersive by having less tutorial-like elements in the game, but I think the consensus is that that wasn't the best idea, hahaha! More frustrating for the player, which we don't want. We definitely should have thought about adding more cues in lieu of a tutorial to guide the user along, and will definitely put that on our to-do list for next time! ^ γ…‘^

Thank you for playing through, even though it was a bit frustrating!! 

Aha yes! I too also fell through some ground thinking I'd land on something haha!! Definitely something we will be updating post-jam so it won't be so much of a 'WhoaOOaa I'm falling?!' reaction ν™”남 λ…Έλž€λ™κΈ€μ΄

Ironically, I'm very bad at puzzle games too LOL (also because I'm bad at them HAHA)!! But I'm so honored that you gave us a shot and you enjoyed the drawing mechanic! c: Thank you for playing!!

Wowowow!! Thank you for taking the time to write such a exhaustive and kind review!!  μ—‰μ—‰ 동글이

I really like the idea of having the platforms being one sided (jumping through the bottom)! I think that would definitely make it more user friendly after you finish drawing them! (I myself was blocked in after I drew a platform HAHA)

Oh yes, backtracking from the last level is indeed missing a way to go back! Thank you for pointing that out! c: Will update that part post-jam.  ^ γ…‘^

Oh noooooo!!! γ…  γ…‘γ…  I'm so sorry to hear that! We're hoping to upload a post-jam update as soon as voting ends that will hopefully fix the Mac OS version of the game!