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I think that it would also be cool for aesthetics as well.

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Underwater playing is something that I wanted to suggest myself!

Perhaps even a shark cage of sorts with limited durability would be cool on top of your suggestions.

Those sunk ships(or simple chests and barrels lying around for a treasure hunt) could maybe include spices such as salt and sugar...

I don't know if anyone had this particular idea, however(as opposed to some of the more complicated things others had mentioned):

- Simple physics, perhaps light waves.

- If there's too much weight on one side, the raft could start to tilt(and possibly tip).

(The weight thing might be too much, not sure)

O.k., how about just salted meat and water storage, skip the barrels.

First: Great game!

-Barrels? The ability to craft barrels to store:

- meat: with the option to salt, so as to prevent spoilage

- potatoes

- coconuts

- water

- and just food(and other goods) in general!