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I ended up the monster's order at the diner! Also this a good spook with the nicely put together atmosphere and spookyness! :)

A solid spook! I like this one because it continues the generally good quality standard of spooks i lik to play :)

Nice! The atmosphere was good quality and the build up to the scare at the end was great! gg dev :)

Pizza butt knows when you order wrong lol X)

This one was good! I didnt know i could even be scared of a microwave, but one spook with a pinch of analog horror and here we are! gg dev :)

yr welcome :)

Still working on beating the game but just wanted to say that esp for a free indie spook, this has lots of production quality and is actually scary! I have wanted a simple dedicated nextbot spook like this for a while now and this is it! also gg dev ! :)

sup bruh

very spooky !  The game does a great job at keeping a terrifying atmosphere just all through it so gg dev! :)

This one was cool! High quality spook so gg dev! :)


Yr welcome :)

yr welcome and Cheers too! :)

Yr welcome :)

Yr welcome :)

i just finished the game with all 5 endings! I like this one because it does a good job with the pace of the game as well as the monster worker man watching you while you work! Glad you love making games! GG dev :)

This was a good one and the guy in the woods i nicked named "Pencil Neck Fred" got me a bunch! gg dev :)

yes and after i complete it i will leave a comment like normal (should be a day or two)

This was one of those spooks that hits the nail on the head for atmosphere and does a great job at giving enough mystery so that the unanswered questions about the lore add to the spook factor! gg dev :)

yr welcome :)


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I love driving with the cursor XD

This is great :) Also a youtuber called Kitboga used this against scammers and the goose won XD

This one was cool and the characters were unique and the personalities were portraied well! Mix that with the spooks in the game and i think this one's great! gg dev :)

Supurb depiction of N64 graphics and sounds and such! gg dev! :)

This spook did a good job at the scares! Nice one dev! :)

This one was cool! I agree with the other comments because it is kinda too easy to not die. (maybe add a difficulty setting if you make a bigger version of this). I don't really consider it a flaw because it does not take away anything from the fun concept. So overall, gg dev! :)

i played this really late for Christmas 2022 but i still liked this one! Despite it being a tiny unity project, this game did a good job with the spook factor and i think is worth playing :)

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this was a good short spook! it did a good job of the scaryness and overall is fine so you dont have to say sorry for rushing if you dont want too

YEAH FIRST  TRY! Also i like how it's like linus is still trying to get you with lots of games for you but you still keep clicking on them

There i finished it and i lke it! so sry it took so long is because of time and i was spooked long ago. idk if there is an exit like in the last game, but will consider finished becasue linus ate me! 

I FINALLY FINISHED IT WIHOUT DYING!!!! Oh also i liek the game alot esp because it is the start of a spook series that i'll probably remember forever cuz i like it :)

This one is actually pretty cool with teh spooks :)

Seems like a good demo and proof of concept! gg dev! :)

this is a good short spook! Also i like how the endings are implemented :)

Nice :)

yr welcome :)

a good 5 or less minute spook, so i like :)

Simple, but nice :)

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This was the perfect way to end this, GG dev! XD