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I already solved number 2 lol

Hello fellow dev person totally not roboto
I have a few questions about this game
So I was just using the downloadable version of the game and I have a few questions/ideas. Because I really want to use this game as a background video for my Youtube

1. Can you change the volume without having to go to Volume Mixer in windows? Because I kinda want just sound effects since I would be using my own music and would prefer to know if im being charged at

2. Is it possible to resize the game itself without having to have it in full screen? Because it makes it easier to work it into my video (And I already looked through the files for settings, there weren't any)

3. Will you ever make more levels of this game. Because I feel like if you added more levels and actual options/maybe items then maybe you could make a really cool rouge-like game that you could actually sell for money instead of having to rely on Patreon. (Yes, I am aware that it is ridiculously hard to make a game of actual detail, I had experience with that)

But besides that, I really enjoyed this game and I hope to see more of you in the future. 

ps. this font is effing hard to read