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I want to make something like this one day.

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I wish killing the virus was that easy.

Just a tip, you might try to make easier gamer dude.

P.S.: I am also learning.

edit- It is quite easy on the PC but it is pretty difficult on my touchscreen.

Yay! 420/10

I like the pixelated look!

Thank you!

Also sorry for being so late to reply!

Glitch in the game: If you plant there Mills again at the end (or anytime) you can reverse the planet's pollution.

I can't play this on my phone, how do I rate this?

ShootOut has been released! It will be soon available for phones too.

Wait, what IS ShootOut?

It is a classic Asteroids game reimagined.

I am promising new updates like multiplayer support, story mode, and also a campaign!

Here is the link

Music by 8 Bit Universe:

the game wasn't starting, and the console said: this.decompress is not a function

Sure! I will..

Please make one for Android! I request you! May the battery be with you...


p5js works fine everywhere in all orientations...

Thanks in advance.

used the following code with p5.js in my player class:

function Player(xx,yy, minX,minY,maxX,maxY){ this.pos = createVector(xx,yy); this.min = { x:minX, y:minY }; this.max = { x:maxX, y:maxY }; this.r = width*height/7000; this.lift = createVector(0, 0); this.gravity = width*height/100000; this.jumping = true; = function(){ noFill(); stroke(255); translate(-this.pos.x+width/2, -this.pos.y+width/2); rect(this.min.x,this.min.y,this.max.x-this.min.x,this.max.y-this.min.y); fill(199); noStroke(); ellipse(this.pos.x,this.pos.y,this.r*2,this.r*2); } this.update = function(){ if(mouseIsPressed && !this.jumping){ this.lift.y-= width*height/3500; this.jumping = true; } if(this.jumping){ this.lift.y += this.gravity; this.lift.y *= 0.9; } this.pos.x = this.pos.x - acc.x * width * height / 70000; this.pos.x = constrain(this.pos.x, this.min.x+this.r,this.max.x-this.r); this.pos.y += this.lift.y; if (this.pos.y+this.r > this.max.y) { this.pos.y = this.max.y-this.r; this.jumping = false; this.lift.y = 0; } if (this.pos.y < this.min.y) { this.pos.y = this.min.y; this.lift.y = 0; } } }

Result on chrome:

It properly appears at the center:

Result on

It appears at the bottom;