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Hey! I already left a comment but I just have a quick question! Are you going to make another Yuri game for this year? If not, then that's okay! I always go to this game whenever I want to play a good interactive visual novel so I don't mind!

I LOVE this game!!!! You have NO idea how fun this was! Like others say in the comments, it'd be cool if you added some new things, and update it! But, for me, I would still love this game so much! I know a lot of people are saying update it and I know it's not as easy as they might think, so if you NEVER update it again I'll still love it with all my heart!!!! This is such a cute game and I like how you can make your own choices too!!!!! Quinn is adorable and I love how she is so desperate for the player to love her! I don't know, Yandere is just something I like I guess! Well, please understand that this is my favorite yuri/lesbian game of all time!!!! Have a great day! No, scratch that! Have an AMAZING day!