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Day 1

Getting around ggez and creating base project.

ggez is… ok-ish i guess. There are issues with the release though. After I copied astroblasto code to my project, I noticed that the sound is playing choppy. So I cloned the repo and run the example there - sound is fine. So I ended up cloning the master of ggez as a submodule, instead using the release - sound works fine.

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Thank you for the invitation. It is a good moment to try something new, so I decided to join.


  • ggez
  • Legion ECS
  • nphysics
  • … TBD


The idea for the game is to run a… legion of soldiers through the battlefield.

The legion consists of one or more commander(s) that act as an attractor for soldiers. You command the legion by moving the commander(s). Each soldier is able to wield sword, javelin, shield, bow - ECS managed. During the game soldiers swap weapons, so that bows are closer to the commander and melee are on the sides. Dead soldiers drop weapons on ground, which then can be picked up.

You attack by moving the commander so that enemy is in range of bows, or touches the side of your legion for melee combat. Bows can be uneffective against enemy legion though, as the soldiers raise the shields for incoming arrows to protect. (I want to achieve a “shield turtle” visual effect.)

The game is intended to play Catamari / style - you move around “eating”/absorbing all you can find. I still have to think of ways of obtaining new “bare” soldiers. “Rolling” over a village? Grabbing enemy soldiers?