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The Barrel rumors and belly fun events seem to be glitched out and unavailable to my save :( Are there any additional triggers I'm missing other than having seen the Barrel at your new house scene?

edit: Ah. You need Harold's like above 20.. Never woulda found that if not for a comment on the main page I found thru googling. Why is stuff like this obscure? Ugh

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Haven't played the update myself, but are you at low sanity? Most game over scenes are only triggered if you have that.

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Yeah, it's an interesting conversation for sure. I think there are mechanics and stories that can complement porn and sex in games, and others that really clash. I think fondly of Small on Top when I think of a nsfw game whose atmosphere and presentation I really enjoyed, Grove when I think of horny rpg battles where you fail deliberately to saddle yourself with sexy curses or see bad endings, Dormaus Valley for its terribly arousing scenarios and freedom in exploring them without ever worrying about losing progress, Strange Flesh when I think of a visual and gameplay marvel fusing action and sex in a nsfw game.

But stuff like obtuse puzzles, story drama for things or characters I am not invested in, or gods, resource grinding where I must use your awful fighting system to grind materials to progress or in another case -- spamclick my mouse into the ground gathering materials endlessly before spamclicking my way out of the random battle... are just really, out-of-place when my brain has shut down and I am playing to get a good time.

On your conundrum about mutations, I think pregnancy was a great way to go about things: limiting how many scenes you had to take into account by locking the other scouts until you gave birth, balanced with the sweet sweet fertilizing scenes and your birthing team entourage. Not every mutation needs special attention, maybe they could even only be tied to the individuals that mutate them. Also, there is at least one prostate milking scene I can think of, when you ask to be fucked on the way to the lightrot caves.

And oh no, Ophion appeared to work fine and does regenerate his lightrot supply daily. The problem was that if I changed my mind in the first encounter on whether or not I wanted to be experimented on, he would never give the option to change my mind again. (I just tested giving him a lightrot crystal after denying him the right to give me a puffy hole. Still nothing - he is one sulky titan)

And I can't wait! I've been checking in often to see if it dropped haha

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(noticed a bug - when Djen tops you, he will display both the first ass tf and second ass tf dialogue (asshole and prostate) if you had no ass tfs before but doesn't actually give you the 2nd -- and doesn't display the prostate line during sex if you already have the first mutation from initial mutation or Orphion, but actually gives it to you)

also: denying Orphion once seems to lock out all other options other than 'Ask about his experiments' even after days and reencountering him

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I had two days off, and sheepishly admit I basically spent both excitedly binging and reading all of the glorious sex scenes in this game as a freak who's into tf, body mod stuff, and uhh a lovely dash of big guys and mpreg.

Increasingly, I find myself drawn to nsfw games that actually focus on just giving players horny, creative, kinky experiences, rather than forcing in sob stories and drama, and mechanics I don't have two hands to interact with at the moment, or worse don't want to interact with at all. (Jesus Christ the resource grinding and battling system in that one game I played)

Text games (when done well) are just able to offer more - and in this case, WAY more of the juicy stuff I want from interactive nsfw content. Stuff like TFs and unique dialogue that the creator thought to code to appear differently for different scenarios in this simple style (*cough* Orphion remembering and saying it's time for our second dose is for some reason SO hot to me.. I guess I have some experiment scenario fetish?) - imo, are just equally as rewarding, without the tedium, as games practicing artificial scarcity with sex as rewards for interacting their mechanics.

There's basically nothing I can do to gush enough about the parts I really enjoyed in your writing. Somehow you managed to make me ignore that the dicks have warts all over and inside, and everyone has poprocks in their grey cum - and just enthusiastically enjoy each breeding and riding and new funky addition to my body. Shamefully I kinda really wanted to get lightrot glands in my ass like the big guy(swoon), and hoped more/ if any characters noticed and played with my bloated prostate mutation after I worked hard to frankenstein my save file code to get the prostate thing from Djen (I just had to remove the djenToppedLast:true at the end.. groan) before learning er, Orphion existed from the walkthrough - and could much more easily give me that after Djen's trip was already finished and without starting out with ass mutation. Hng I love lightrot.

(also call me an ambitious sadistic slut, but I briefly thought some sex scenes were locked based on who was currently your Biggest oral/anal partner at the start haha. i really wanted bulldragon dick - got it eventually!)

Needless to say I'm very pleasantly surprised to hear a sizeable update (Hive hype Hive hype) is apparently well on its way after a few years of hard work and soul-searching as an artist, right as I've discovered this gem. Looking forwards to that for sure - thank you for the countless hours of writing and coding, and I wish you the best in any projects lewd and unlewd that you venture into!

iirc you just let them complete a grapple orgasm while being at more than 50% stamina. they then let you go and if you encounter another one their grapple visuals will be different!

That or some other tweak would be wise. Missing makes the combat more interesting and encourages the more consistent sex combat, but it's painful to build all that TP up and whiff to RNG while the enemy keeps attacking you.

On the engine limitations, is it possible to simply start the selection option at Wait instead then?

And as for the curses, thinking on it more I definitely agree, stacking curses would especially be absurd hah. I am a little curious how differently the curses work right now, since I personally would love to see the curses last a little longer and made more mechanically unique.

It would be something to consider much in the future - but with how short the sections are, revisiting areas that have been completed and allowing curses to be reapplied similar to the slimesuit as of current, or temporarily recurse inert pieces players are wearing to complete short quests that explore the curses more would also be a cool way to do more with them!

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Gave Grove a spin last night, and loved it to bits! Milking isn't my greatest kink, but I enjoyed the sex aspect of the game quite a bit - although right now it seems almost every gameover scene focuses on milking.

When I first saw the combat, admittedly at first I thought of Swords and Sandals because of the limited energy for moves thing, hah. It was simple enough once I understood, and I learned the value of Strip attacks speedrunning a bit on a second save.

My nitpitcks on combat are probably that 1) spending 3 turns building TP for a strong attack, then flubbing that attack to a RNG miss.. I feel like it should refund your TP when that happens, so you don't waste 4 turns trying to get a preliminary attack off. 2) some way of showing what stage of grappling you're at would make planning out grapple & wait turns less worrying. 3) options on the main battle menu that aren't selectable should be removed entirely, imo. Just.. so it's easier to select 'Wait' with one hand easier.

On the game overs - I quite enjoy the horny finality of Game Over scenarios in nsfw games, but I agree it'd be nice to see some scenes elaborated on, like losing at the fight to save Kuno or the blacksmith, or more bandit fun. (edit: Just saw the Bandit Chief one. woof that was spicy and good) Also - please, give me an option to just skip the sex and load my save after the first time losing to an enemy type. I LOVE the cursed effect sections (they're highlights of the game) but slipping up during an encounter during them and already seeing the sex with the variant pictures means closing the game and restarting to load your save lets you get back to the game way faster.

This is more a miscommunication in dialogue and my own mistake, but in the bandits' hideout I thought I was supposed to go to the eastern door already after escaping the cell and thought I HAD to battle and win while wearing the slave suit. I bested those bastards - lured two to the wall, fought the other two aggravatingly with heals and stuns, for nothin' lol

On the cursed sections... personally, I'd love to be able to carry on the game with the curses active like a horny hard mode (it's worth it), and am not sure why each area gates you off from leaving & showing off your poor horny corrupted lizard and stacking more curses, especially since two have dedicated places to removing them.

I love the cursed underwear scene and am excited for what corruption does - but it'd be nice if 1) you had more slots to equip it in 2) it reflected on Grove's face and naked body 3) a short cutscene plays putting it on and taking it off 4) with enough corruption Grove could even put it on in public~

Got here trying to find it again after finding it on another save - as suspected I seem to be able to access the glafire caves with just 10 perception. For any other time travellers looking for information, just shave away any debuffs and try it. The requirement must have been lowered.

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First of all, a glowing thank you to Hyao and Zoro for their hard work on this project, and feeding the hungry, horny masses at no costs!

I must say that so far, the highlights have definitely been exploring my sexuality as these kinds of games always makes fun to do and then ruminate on whether or not to roll with the action (or savescum once I've had my fun), Zoro's beautiful art, that appreciation for daddy bears, and your lovely penchant for details.

Definitely wish there was just a way to revisit and maybe jump to all these sexy events, even if thru cheats! (also: Bareshade's music seems to not play when exiting the caves thru basement)

Despite being a work-in-progress, most of the stuff in the game is quite stellar. But I do have quite a few nitpicks here and there for you to consider improvements on.

Firstly! It may be possible I simply missed it, but it was never explained or prominently displayed (to stand out from the set of different stats under it) that levelling up granted points to use on stats. As a result I bumbled through the earlygame a little frustrated wondering when equipment or maybe stronger potions would show up and allow me to temporarily reach 12 strength for stat-locked events, before at last I wondered why there were levels at all and looked it up.

Until then I was also locked out of the hot springs and Hayden for a loong time since Hayden refused to function as normal til Arion was bathed, requiring sufficient stats of a type - before the option to use carrots appeared one day.

Second of all, though it is minor and thankfully never takes away from the sex, I do wonder if there is a slight language barrier with the lack of 'the' at start of sentences and nouns along with grammar errors, or if it's a writing style thing to try cut down on text for scripts - which caan still sometimes be a little laborious and long.

Unfortunately I also do need to agree with a piece of critique from someone else that the sex scenes start to blend together a bit with repeated things, such as when topping the player using their fingers to make the hole tighter and cum, pounding into the spot etc.

It's sex, whatever, there's only so many ways the writer can write it. But I do wish there was more choice and variety of kinks and fluff to the sex. Throw in some sensuality! Neck kisses, pit sniffs, maybe some fun with potions and the player character's vague appearance. My favorite scene by far is probably when the player can choose to get addicted to eating out and the musk from rat king's ass to the point of losing themselves and getting rammed while at it - but on the other hand a prominent example of this nitpick is meeting Tank at the fishing village after disciplining him, where it almost seems like it's building up to the player taking it a step further from last time and fisting Tank's bottomless hole, maybe even jerking off in his ass, but just ends up stuffing him with two fingers again.

Last of all; probably UI and UX? It just really feels like the game needs things like esc quitting out of the map and menus quickly, and maybe a map button. Animals could be accessible outside and naming them stuffed into the Workshop menu. Inventory is another nightmare too. It would be prudent to open the inventory in consumables and put the All option at the back instead - it's a pain switching to and hunting the items down to use quickly. Doesn't help I couldn't figure out how to use an item after setting it to the shortcut bar to the side.

There's still quite a bit I haven't done and am looking forward to! I haven't even figured out how to get any heart points. One thing I'm hoping for is a way to romance Logan as a horny bottom lumberjack dad in some way even if he was encouraged to go to the camp to become a vers' dream come true through the pillory scenes and powerbottom scenes.

I was and still am waiting for monster dildoes to be sold somewhere, and if a standard cuddly romance isn't an option once you walk down this route, I would gladly take being able to buy and gift Logan dildoes, toys, cages, and training and disciplining him to be the player's subby toy. Or bonding with him through bottoming together!

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Assuming you're on the public build, that's where it ends for now since you can't head south to Shiptown - but you can grind up some gold & Wulfrick who starts at lv 1 to see his combat, talk with some NPCs again (namely the betas and the spider shopkeeper) to trigger some dialogue from Wulfrick and backtrack to places you've been for a few lines of dialogue and a special item.

This question has been asked so many times it really should just be in a FAQ section or additional note in the game information up there lmao - he needs to learn how to export it into mobile format first and might do it this year.

been a short bit since I last played, but if i remember correctly there's a pink slime blocking the way - if that's the obstacle you're referring to, you need to find all the flowers first to give to the blue slime looking for flowers

Good thing fox guy ordered the orc not to stick around for dick, the beast woulda cucked orc guy diving straight for the fox instead haha

I wonder, did he make the music himself too? That's pretty impressive

And yee spicy spicy stuff

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played the previous public build and played it all again this time, was so sad when it endeddd. your writing and art does things to me - from the chef's funny dialogue to the pov fucking the orc to spanking the bird hehe

If there's anything to nitpick about so far, the stat boost table is sorta janky to me + you can't seem? to upgrade Lace's stats at the same time without selecting the option from the menu.. And also the equipment page is a little overwhelming

(and i really wanted to give the sexy feral tiger beast my bulge)

Definitely gonna keep keeping my eye on this and support it when I get the chance! :)