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maybe if i took a video about the problem maybe i can announce about this issue right? :)

it works but i have a small function issue on debug file

intel (R) Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family 

drive of the GPU

that's my GPU

thanks for asking again :)

ok i'll try thanks for helping me i'll see if it works or no.

ok i'll try tnhanks for helping me i'll see if it works or no.

rpg maker games are supporting pentium D :)

sorry for my pc 

my pc is in (Arabic) language because i'm Arabian sorry ^^

ok i'll give you my file place and the log

C:\Users\Yosef Elbedwehy\AppData\Local\REVERE_DEBUG_LOG

it says that : 

Cannot read property 'renderer' of undefined

TypeError: Cannot read property 'renderer' of undefined
    at (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/plugins/Chau_SceneStabilizer.js:582:28)
    at CacheMap.clear (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/plugins/Chau_SceneStabilizer.js:659:30)
    at Function.ImageManager.clear (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/rpg_managers.js:884:16)
    at Scene_Boot.Scene_Base.clearAllEntries (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/plugins/Chau_SceneStabilizer.js:1600:16)
    at Scene_Boot.Scene_Base.terminate (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/plugins/Chau_SceneStabilizer.js:872:42)
    at Scene_Boot.Scene_Base.terminate (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/plugins/Fogo_Tweens.js:199:25)
    at Function.SceneManager.changeScene (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/rpg_managers.js:1806:25)
    at Function.SceneManager.updateMain (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/rpg_managers.js:1790:18)
    at Function.SceneManager.updateMain (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/plugins/Revere_PauseOnUnfocus.js:209:53)
    at Function.SceneManager.update (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/rpg_managers.js:1715:14)

and some information about my pc too : 

processor : pentium D 945 " 3.40 GHZ"

ram : 4 (GB of ram)

windows : 8.1 pro

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i have another issue it looks like a new place for this and time issues

see this picture please :)

maybe you are right my pc is pentium D cant support this game because i installed win 8.1 so that the game can't open right?

thanks for all support about this beautiful game

thanks so much i'll see this soon i have game maker studio 1.4.9999 i'll try this soon and thanks again :)

can i use this in : "game maker studio" too?

you can use game maker to exchange your game to the best

i have a bug and i can't fix it anyhelp pls :|

شكرا للدعم وأتمنى انها تعجبك

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ok thanks very much kenney i like request new assets on this page thanks very much

kenney can you make kickbox game assets please i will thank you very much if you make it tomorrow to everyone thanks

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kenney take my new game in your game assets

Smile Games community · Created a new topic Game Assets

To New Games With Zero To Final

thanks very much

i'm dont need vat i need kenney studio on windows coast only

i know on windows what is the coast on windows system

what is the coast on kenney studio on windows

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hey kenney can you take my game pixel assets

+kenney can you take my new game

the game of platform the assets of game flat and simple and light and white colour on game of platform to any information go to Square Paddle

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ok thank you very much

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this is my life Space Shooter Extension in kenney game assets 2 i like it i wish it free download sprites in it

don't forget share the link for anyone

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thanks for anyone play this game