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Thank you! ^^

I'm so sorry! Nobody reported this to me until just now. The worst of it is this error message makes absolutely no sense (this is the first time i've seen an error message reference "line -1" in all my years of game dev).

I have rolled back the demo to version 1.3.3 instead of 1.4. Try downloading that instead. I'll fix this when I can

  • MFGG (assets labelled as "original" on this site may be used in other projects with the authors' permission)
  • opengameart

This is true; Since those graphics were categorized under "original", I figured they would be safe to use. I asked him if he was fine with me using them in this project and he said that it would be fine.

Just fixed it and uploaded a new version! Thanks ^^

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They were made by someone else, but I do fully agree on the resemblance being very strong. I'm going to change them for the update I plan to give this demo within the next few days (or less, hopefully). I don't want trouble of course, haha

Edit: update's done; the other things I was planning to fix/change went smoother than expected.

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Forgive the double-post + bump but i had an update:

i managed to get rid of the compile errors by going into the GMLive.gml file and, wherever there was something like

if(expression)++val; else break;

i replaced it with

and that solved about 99 % of the errors. The other issue was with GMLive_std.gml, where buffer_get_size() and buffer_set_size() were being passed too many arguments (these two functions only take 3 parameters instead of 5 in Studio 2.3.1)
My game compiles and runs now, but for some reason now GMLive thinks that Studio's built-in functions such as round() and show_debug_message() are "invalid scripts"

so basically GMLive 1.0.38 still doesn't work for me on Studio 2.3.1 but at least the game compiles and runs

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EDIT: Solved

The marketplace was providing me with the wrong download; downloading directly from the IDE worked

Hey there, I originally purchased this asset from the Game Maker Marketplace for Studio 2.2 and today upgraded to Studio 2.3.1. Problem is, when I tried to run the game after importing the (I assume) most recent version of GMLive (which I redownloaded off the GM Marketplace about 10 minutes ago), the game threw tons of compile errors, citing things like:

Script: gml_parser_run at line 439 : Assignment operator expected
Script: gml_parser_run at line 441 : got 'switch' expected '}'

Script: gml_std_StringTools_trim at line 8 : Assignment operator expecte

Script: gml_node_is_simple at line 17 : got 'return' expected '}'

Script: gml_node_equals_list at line 7 : Assignment operator expected

etc etc.

I never had this problem when I used the version of GMLive for 2.2.5, and I'm positive I imported the new download of the asset correctly

What could be the cause of this?

Thank you so much!

Hey there, I've run into a strange issue with GMLive. Everywhere else in my project that i've used the line:
if (live_call())
      return live_result;
it works perfect, but in one of my objects (the draw event of my pause menu object, specifically), GMLive doesn't work and gives the following error in the compiler window: obj_pause:Draw_0[L22,c24]: Expected a value, got in

The live_call() is called at the very beginning of the draw event in my pause object. I've been unable to figure this out. The only issue I can think of is that the pause object is not always active, and is only created (and destroyed) when the player presses the pause/unpause key. Would anyone know what the issue is?