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I am having no issues with the Leaderboard functions but I cannot get any of the Stat calls to work.

All of my calls to SteamUErGetStatInt, SteamUErSetStatInt return false or -1.

Are there any preliminary calls to be done before these?  Any working example?


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This is an excellent plugin and the only way I could eventually get an entry into Steam Leaderboard.  I was happy to pay some $$$.  Please consider updating for 4.25.
Do you have any sample projects making use of these features?  Thanks.

There are so many people in UE4 world having huge issues with Steam.  You really should consider uploading this to the Unreal Marketplace.  There is literally nothing less than $80 for Steam integration.

I'm sorry.  I have no idea what they mean in Unity when they say build platform. Windows/Mac/Linux.  I only have windows so I couldn't tell.

Not working with Oculus Rift and FireFox.  Hangs.  Console reports....
TypeError: Argument 1 of PannerNode.setPosition is not a finite floating-point value.[Learn More]

Thanks Gary,
Actually I wrote this awhile ago entirely in javascript with a text editor. I thought about turning it into some kind of app, letting the person take pictures of their own face, instead of the grey faces. I didn't follow through because this service, cost money, and at the time I did not see how I could break even. Maybe it's worth another try. :-)

Talking Tina is a demonstration of text to speech synchronized with stop motion animation images known as visemes.

Visemes are a series of pictures depicting a sound being made. In this case there are 24 visemes being used to make Tina's face appear to "pronounce" words.

The TTS service provided by iSpeech also supplies the corresponding viseme and the duration of the sound.

This could be developed further into a fully responsive TTS game or platform.


Hey guys... this is my capstone submission for my Coursera Game Dev course. Any feedback greatly appreciated...

Zombie Skateboard Park

Guide your fun-loving, but brittle, zombie through jumps, bumps and dangerous stuff.

Use Arrow Keys Left and Right to move skateboard when on the ground. When in the air, Left and Right Arrow will spin the player.

Use Down Arrow to duck under obstacles. Use Up Arrow to hop.

Always land on the board to protect your zombie. Too much contact with the ground will break him.

Cross Red Flags to save progress in the game. Even when you are dead... if you can get your board across a save point and your progress will be saved.

This game takes a lot of keyboard finesse. Too much speed or wrong angles will cause your zombie to crash and get busted up.

Video at....