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God I can't wait to see more of Tiffany's content

Well, certainly better late than never

The thing is though that it builds up steam the more that it's up, the game often gets pushed up on itch with more updates (to my knowledge) and I think it would've gotten popular if it had continued. I understand why it isn't the case, doesn't stop it sucking though.

Snuggles deserved more than this! Snuggles did nothing wrong!

Honestly, as much as I enjoy the game, this kinda makes sense with the large amount of long-winded monologues in the VN. I mean I've read Alan Moore's Miracleman and even that is less wordy

Not my money, and not yours either, so I have no clue why you're complaining. I've already made my disapproval of the way the development was handled in terms of maintain open communication with the public (which should be considered for a production of any size), but just literally having a Patreon isn't an issue for anyone who actually understands what a Patreon is.

You can be critical of time-frames or content, sure, but just not understanding the concept of a Patreon is pretty stupid. You're funding the production of a product. You are aware of this fact when you subscribe to a Patreon. If you're dissatisfied with the product's production, then you no longer support them. It is an *incredibly* simple concept to understand.

The before remake download like just...isn't there anymore? How are there broken links in an itchio page, that confuses me so much

you could probably use an auto-clicker which would help you in other games too, they're pretty easy to find. Hope that helps :)

Keep in mind these guys get paid over 5k a month to make games and the most they regularly do is make wallpapers for his Patreon. This game hasn't been updated in a year, and their other game Polarity hasn't been updated in 2 years. I mean I know it's not an easy job to do, but you'd think just copy-pasting a dev log onto the pages at the very least could be done.

He's really good at taking money, that much is for sure. Two games that haven't had updates in over a year? What valiant work

It's definitely a great start to the game (very little actually happens, it's mostly humour and set up). The one complaint I have is the voice acting. The voice acting, especially for the cowboy, is so strange. It feels quite stilted and unnatural? It kinda reminds me of the voice acting in Hunt Down the Freeman. I'd also say something about him always wearing a mask, even while eating and drinking, but I imagine that's meant to be humourous.

given yourself a while there with that estimate xD

This being 4 months ago doesn't inspire much hope I imagine, although finger crossed stuff is still going well for you

I'd argue the worse thing is to charge poorly. I mean compare finished games you can buy for $10 to this game in it's uncompleted state yk?

Fun plot, gives you plenty of intrigue to keep you focused and interested in the game, and enough lewdness to fulfill your other needs. Good job!

I'm excited to see more, although kinda sad you probably won't be updating it until like at least mid-2023 with the schedule for Defending Lydia Collier

I'm curious, the costumes are now suddenly grayed out? Do I have to increase their submission to tell them what to wear?

This is a great game, but the file size is insanely large. I mean I've played fully finished 3D-modelled AVNs that are 5GB, and this one in version 0.06 is over 7GB. Not even mentioning the fact it takes me 8 hours to download because it's going through the browser rather than a dedicated service like Drive or MEGA, but there *has* to be some optimisation that can be done because the massive size is untenable and I'd imagine it will become a far bigger problem the longer you develop your game. I'm making this point because I enjoy this game immensely and want to continue playing, but a 15GB AVN is simply nuts to me and I can absolutely see that happening if whatever is making this game *this* big isn't solved.

I keep trying to press the save button, but when I leave to the main menu it doesn't register any saves? I can't really play the game without it saving properly otherwise I'd just lose all my progress and have to go through it all over again

he's meant to be a Reddit bro isn't he?

Seems pretty abandoned to me. I wouldn't subscribe to the patreon - even if you like the game - until they provide any kind of update post

There's an error where previous saves don't allow you to skip to the next day, am I required to start the game again?

(1 edit)

Just wanted to let you know my game crashes after receiving my reward for delivering the pumpkin. It opens up a text box that has

"File "game/main.rpy", line 14, in script call

$ renpy.call_screen("cam_" + vars["cam"])"

I'm using old saves from 0.3d and it was on Monday afternoon if that changes anything

*edit* I believe the issue goes from moving onto the next time of day, as it instantly crashes when I try to skip the day through

It is.

For some reason, the creator decided to reset everything rather than just changing newer content and then updating the previous work piecemeal. They also chose to not leave a download for the more complete version, which I later learnt after deleting the old version I had. I don't even know why he calls it 0.2.7 when it should be more like 0.0.9. Feels more like milking money when he removes all of the content he actually made

apparently the public release is March 11th, absolutely bruuuutal

So you'll be definitely closing them off rather than allowing them to intertwine? I know that obviously intertwining them would be a lot more work, but for some characters, it feels like it could work. For example with Bimbo Steph and Jenna, it feels like Jenna could be the side-chick and eventually be brought in once Steph has been totally 'bimbofied', or that Ellie could become a side-chick with Connie (I assume that since Connie and Steph are very much one or the other that the possibility of them together would be difficult). Either way, excellent game as I said before.

I spent an hour or two just increasing the stats for when the next update inevitably comes xD I was watching YouTube while doing it though, feel like it was *just* that it might be a bit weird

Honestly this is my favourite AVN and waiting for updates absolutely kills me. Although, that speaks to the quality of the game itself

Are there any updates all? 8 months without a single update on a game that had a *very* small amount of content is very strange

except they're showing that's what occurred. To guess, it's that you fully expected people to just collect qi and then convert it then talk to her rather than spending it? Cause after that point, I literally got shown characters I was unaware of purely because the timed events activated and the quest *refused* to be completed.

Damn, I remember seeing you when I first got into superheroes and wanted to see if there was a Captain Australia, and you popped up. Wasn't what it expected,  but I just enjoyed watching you walk around and talk in your @ getup. I'm happy to hear you beat your cancer, and hope for all the best in the future. Hopefully NinjaMuffin will see this :)

This is one of the best AVN games I've ever played, and it's only a 10th of what would be in the full game! Characters are all easily identifiable but not one-note, your choices have a genuine impact, the sex scenes are great and you actually care about the story. 

I'm unsure whether this is an issue or whether it's simply to simplify earlier production by having hard-stop choices, but some paths end because you didn't take the option to *go out of your way* to impress them feels strange. For example, [SPOILERS] if you go to the pub with Steph instead of Ellie, suddenly Ellie seems to have no interest in you anymore? Or how you can contact Jenna on Steph's romantic route, but not her bimbo route? [SPOILERS]

Once again I'm assuming it's just a case of simplifying for early production, but just wanted to point it out as a bit confusing. If anything, it speaks to just how good the game is that what may be expected in other games feels strange in this one.

Hey, hope you're doing well! I finished 0.5 a while ago but wanted to say how much I appreciated your work. Great job!

You get upset cause a game you can play for free uses one song is the same as a game you've played before. That's delusional

Almost every AVN doesn't give you that option. It's far more difficult to program

This is, quite possibly, one of the most infuriating AVN games I've ever played. Please, for the love of god, make a walkthrough for each character to show the steps that should be done for the best choice. I like the game, and I keep playing, but it is so incredibly frustrating. It feels like the encounters are based on a percentage chance rather than a requirement of somekind, because I'll be going to the same place for WEEKS and see nothing, and you don't know whether it's over or not.

Like you see Sina and Karen and you don't even have the scene checker, so you don't even know if every interaction has actually come to an end or you made a mistake; if you've actually ended up making a mistake earlier on, it could possibly be DOZENS of weeks prior, because the percentage change of getting a unique event is so low that you have to repeat the same bloody event over and over and over. If you want that to be a 'feature', fine, but at the very least give a fuckin guide or a full *accurate* scene checker or hint system to actually tell me what the fuck I'm meant to do and if I'm doing it right.

As I have mentioned, more than once, I am saying that it is overwritten. Any writing class will tell you that exposition and monologues should be kept to a minimum. It isn't a Shakespearean play. For a writer, you seem unable to read what's actually written. I have no qualms against the message, nor did I write as such. I even double-checked all my messages to confirm whether if any of them were confusing or vague, but it wasn't.

I'm specifically saying that your writing pulls the player out of the story. You can't use the defence of "It's a freaking porn game", but then defend the writing and that you've heard largely praise. Those are polar opposite arguments, claiming the quality of writing doesn't matter but then saying people actually liked the quality of writing to defend it. Just go onto the internet and look up "trim the fat in writing". It doesn't fix the dialogue feeling unnatural, but it will at least help shorten it up so it's more concise.