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Hello everyone! Check out the games devs post on Steam - Make sure to remember to wishlist the game also give it a thumbs up to the post and drop a comment ! 

Hey everyone! Make sure to give a thumbs up to their post on steam wishlist the game! Great update from a great dev team! I can't wait to see more! Keep us posted! Drop a comment and share it with friends!

First time trying arcade mode. I am so silly thinking that the stoney maps are actually winter maps oh well :)) 

New empires in Ruins video! Hope you all enjoy! I truly get annihilated but at the same time is really fun :)

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Check out my new live stream on Twitch the new campaign mode looks amazing! So excited about what's to come going forward for this awesome game!

My first video is up ! Hope you all enjoy it and let me know what you think!

Support indie games and all games all around :)

Thank you for watching!

New video update on the new demo from Empire and Tribes - Demo 0.4 check out the devlog update and some showcasing of improved graphics and UI. 
Thank you for supporting indie games and thank you to the creators for making an epic game! 

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Hey LincRead thank you for your comment ! Its a pleasure to make these videos and to attract attention to yours and other awesome indie games! Keep creating awesome content and you'll have my support as little as it is :) .

Great new update! Its really awesome to see the amount of hard work and determination is going into the game and I really cant wait to see more of what the devs are going to add into the future. Thank you all of you getting involved in supporting great indie games and also for those getting involved in the chat on discord and getting the feedback across. 

Thank you for watching if you watched my videos and for the devs for making such an epic game!


Keep being awesome! Support indie games!

Hello everyone! Great new update make sure to check it out and try it out for yourself. its amazing to see the amount of great work goes into the game and I do hope the developers continue to build it and push even further as the do have something special! Get involved in the conversation on Discord and give your feedback on the game.

If you watched my videos on the game thank you also!

Support indie games!


Hello everyone! Check out new update devlog video  - I hope you all enjoy. I am going to upload more gameplay related videos on the game in the coming weeks. I hope you follow the game and get involved in the conversation. Really awesome indie games do need support!

Check out my other videos on the game if you got a minute and also give me any feedback you wish . 

Support small indie games !

Thank you for watching!


I hope this is a April joke ... :)

Looking great commander!

Cant wait to see more of this up here.

Its great your opening onto your discord group!


Hello everyone!

Our adventures continue into the Tutorial Campaign support indie games!


Your very welcome :)

Wow this looks amazing! So much fun! Great dialog and great scenes awesome indie game!

Support indie games! 


Hey everyone! Another chance and try at the play through of Chronospark. A few suggestions I am making for the updates. Hope you enjoy the video!


Great work from some amazing devs ! We got Alpha 10 everyone! Let's break it down. Greater AI, more awesome animation and graphics even Menu music. This is some great work and I am excited to create more content for this in the coming months and weeks.

Thank you for watching and supporting indie games!


No thank you for making awesome indie games :) 

Thank you for making awesome games :) i will defo try it again with more insight :)

Hello everyone! My name is SIP or small indie promoter I showcase awesome indie games so if you have second check out my video I am having tons of fun with this game and I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Thank you for supporting indie awesome games!


Great game though I am a bit rusty I hope you enjoy the let's play always support indie games and I hope to see more updates here soon!

New update new devlog video showcasing the update. I am looking forward to the creators launching a platform of supporting the game so we can come together as a community and support it so that they may focus further onto the dev of the game.

I hope you all like the video and have a great day and an awesome 2019.


Here is me with another part we look again at the missions/tutorial i guess where we deepen our knowledge of how to extract resources and have the basics of needs covered for our villagers while we do so. 

I want to say thank you to the creators for making such an awesome game and also for those watching my videos and supporting this game too.

Many thanks


Sort the Court! community · Created a new topic My gameplay

Hey everyone ! 

Hope you all enjoy my lets play of the game.


Part 4 is here if you have time check it out! 

All feedback appreciated!
SIP(Small Indie Promoter)

Great game having tons of fun with it! 

Hello everyone! 

I am excited to try out the new demo 0.4 and to showcase it here.  I look forward to new indie games updates all the time and Its always exciting to see when new releases are being made. Its good to see devs working hard on this. 

Hope all of you had a merry Xmas and see you all in 2019

SIP (Small Indie Promoter)

If you are in search of more - part 2 and 3 are out as well here are links for it.

Again thank you for your support and supporting indie. Have tried to make the videos small and easy to watch with same intro on all. Feedback appreciated too!

SIP (Small Indie Promoter)

Hello everyone! Thank you to the creators for making such an awesome game I am having tons of fun with it and hope all of you who tried it are too. Make sure to support it in any way possible if you can do donate by buying it or if you can share it with friends. Great indie games needs our support. Also check out my let's play if you got a few minutes I have done 3 parts with more to come into 2019 . Thank you all for coming over to the page of this great game and also for checking my vids or supporting the game in any way.

Hope you all had a great Merry Xmas.


Hi Chris,

Thank you for your comment I appreciate your feedback as well as the update in regards to the game development. I will be sure to keep my eyes open and cover it again at that point. 

Many thanks and all the best to you to!


Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for coming over and watching my videos and getting this game out there. I am really having fun with it and hope you are to. In the respect of all your support of the series I have released an extra video this week a part 3 where we continue the tutorial if you have time check it out and I appreciate you all for your support.

Thank you for being awesome!

Hey everyone! 

I had a lot of fun recording this video and I hope you all enjoy it. I had a lot of fun with the game and I think its really inovative. I cant wait to see what features the game will have added in the next months. I hope you have a few minutes to watch the video and let me know what you think. Also appreciate if you played the game any feedback and comments .

Thank you for watching and for the developers creating such an awesome game!

Hello everyone! I am not sure if the game has a lot of maps done by the community or if its done by the creators but there is a lot of content here. I go through it all on my video but seriously you can edit a map you can do a skirmish map not so sure about multiplayer as I have not checked that one now I am thinking about it. You got 3 campaigns on tutorial taking you through it all and 2 main story. Its really cool! I have no doubt a lot more will added but this makes for an almost complete game with just some polish needed to be done.

Ill leave my video below let me know what you think and lets chat in the comments. But thank you for reading my post.

Great game ! Had a lot of fun figuring everything out will certainly have a look around the other missions and have more fun with it. If you got time check out my video on it and let me know what you thought !

Many thanks!

SIP (Small Indie Promoter)

Hello everyone here is my short video showcasing whats new in the game since the last two updates. I really am enjoying this game and I will keep an eye out on future updates as I want to see it develop having so much potential. If you do have a few minutes watch out my video. Also let me know what you think of the game. 

Thank you for your time.


No problem was thinking of doing a few more as you release more updates if that is something for me to do as I showcase different updates to the game weather be through gameplay lets play or simple showcase of the new features. 

Let me know  ! 

Hello everyone! I am loving this game! Brings back so many childhood memories and brings me back to the past. I cant wait to see future updates on this game to see where it will go. This is 0.4.2 but I see another update has already been released so I will look to see what that one has to offer soon too. Check out my video and let me know what you think. 

Had a lot of fun on my live stream! Was ok at it 2nd time I think I made it for level 30 lol. After that I died before jumping one level lol 

New  video on my this awesome new indie game! I cant wait to see more of this!

Hope you all enjoy :)

MbG - Support the game and me if you can!

Really cool game ! i really enjoy this  Supermarket simulator . Hope you all enjoy my video! 

Thank you it was great to play your game and look forward to check out your future updates! I will follow your game and if there are more updates hopefully i will get notified so i can cover them.