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Im implementing this in the new update. For now you could just press alt + enter :)

Thank you! No this is a known bug. I fixed this already in the updated version which im working on!

Thank you, glad you liked it! Yeah I implemented a lot since I uploaded this version and I already fixed the portal bug in there. Also I added a mechanic that the bullet deals only damage if its in movement and you can only shock it once (then you have to pull it back to recharge the shock). 

Thank you! Yeah now I think about the name too..but since this was actually only for the game jam I havn't thought about the name very much. But I will defenitly rethink that!

Very nice game, I love the visuals! I made it through but with like 120394082030 deaths :D

Thank you! Yeah sure :D keep me updated when you launch your game :)

Nice little game! Would be great if there was like a health bar or something so you can see how much life you have left :) Or maybe just a flash so you know that the player was damaged. Other than that, good job! :)

wow this is awesome! Really fun to play, well done!

Actually it's just me :)

Finished! This jam was a hole lot of fun! :)

The HEART JAM community · Created a new topic Artist LFG

Hi, my name's Max and I'm 20 years old :)

I've been through a couple of game jams now and normally I do this all by myself but I thought it would be cool to team up this time. So if there is a programmer (at least a bit experienced maybe :D)  around feel free to hook me up if you like my work :)

Here is a bit of my work:

See ya!


Implementing the weapon and forge system :)

I am using GameMaker Studio. I used to build my games with unity a couple of years ago but since I work only in 2D and Pixel Art I decided to switch to GameMaker.

Should be better now :) Thanks

Vulcan Jam community · Created a new topic Getting started!
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So this is what i have so far.. It's so much fun to work on this project and I hope there will be lots of awesome games in this jam! :)