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The particles are made with the game engines particle system. The player run has 6 frames and the idle has 4 frames

Thank you so much!

Hey, I am sorry what do you mean exactly? The tiles are placed in a 16x16 px grid. 

Thank you so much! 

Thank you!

Thank you! Sadly I don't have a linux system set up and it's not possible to export from gms2 without that...I am sorry :/

Man, thank you so much for the massive feedback! This is a very old version of the game and I already fixed most of the problems you mentioned but there are things I will definitely work on based on your feedback! (Especially wall jumping and layer drawing).

Thank you so much!

Ich hatte ein wenig Probleme mit draw_sprite_part (hatte das vorher nie benutzt) und habe dann dein Video dazu gefunden, das hat mir dann auch tatsächlich geholfen :) Ja so kam ich dann auf deine Videos. Und wie ich es auf die Startseite geschafft habe ist eine gute Frage :D Die Demo war für mich eigentlich nur für Feedback zum Spiel-Feeling da, hauptsächlich in Sachen Player-Steuerung etc. Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass das so eine Aufmerksamkeit bekommt.. Ich schaue auf jeden Fall mal auf deinem Discord vorbei, da können wir gerne mal Plaudern wenn es die Zeit zulässt :)

Alle Spielelemente sind selbst gecoded, da ist aber auch bis jetzt eigentlich nichts extrem komplexes dabei.. Ich bin momentan am Pathfinding der Gegner am arbeiten, da verzweifle ich aber langsam dran.. da fehlt mir einfach noch das Wissen um da einen Gegner zu programmieren, der nicht absolut dumm ist :D Naja irgendwie werde ich das auch noch herausfinden.

Und ja eine Vollversion wirst du auf jeden Fall bekommen, ein Release kann ich dir jedoch noch nicht sagen.. das wird wohl noch ein Weilchen dauern..

Oh thank you for that! Should be fixed now!

Wow thank you so much for your review! I know your channel and I actually watched some of your videos few weeks ago, that's so awesome :) 

Sure you can use the logo and I would love to send you a copy of the game. Maybe it will take a while though :D

Thanks again!

(Hier einen Deutschen zu treffen ist auch mal eine nette Überraschung :) )

Thank you for you review! Already commented on the video but I wanted to say thank you again! :)

Thank you! Yeah the hitbox of the sword was a bit too pixel perfect! Scaled that up to 3 pixels further so it's gonna be easier hitting those mobs!

Thank you for playing! I'm working on all of the things you mentioned and they will be available in the next update! I hope you'll check it out again :)

Thank you for the big feedback! Yeah I got a lot of complains about the controls.. kinda messed this one up a bit.. :D But I'm currently working on a better control scheme plus the option to bind your keys how you want them to be! So that shouldn't be a problem in the future. Also healing options are already implemented in my current version. The "Retart" is already fixed.. kind of funny though :D

Thank you so much! Yeah I have to tweak the spawn system a bit.. there can be areas with way too much mobs ;)

Already commented on the video, but I want to give you a big thank you here too! :)

Thanks for your feedback! The story is not completely finished yet so I didn't want to put a lot of it in the demo..maybe it will change a bit. But there will be a nice little story line in the finished version :)

Thank you! Custom controls are in the making :)

Thank you for your feedback! Yeah I worked on the jump already.. felt a bit heavy.

Major update is coming soon, maybe you'll try it again and get better ^^

I'm sorry, mobile support is not planned at this time.. maybe in the future.

Thank you! I'm working on that already!

Thank you! I'm already working on a new control system to give a better experience!

Thank you so much for this big feedback! I will go into every suggerstion:

- Yeah the control scheme  for the keyboard is crap, I heard that alot and also get why. I will change that and I'm also working on the option menu for changing the keys so you can use whatever you want.
-The chest spawn is fixed already in my current version, shouldn't happen anymore.
-The gold should now always be on top of everything since I changed the depth system.
-I'm currently recoding the hole game in a new project (because I had lots of old and bad code in the older version) and I will take care of the plants attack behaviour!
-The slime and blood effects are usually on top of the sprites and would drip over cliffs but I get that this looks odd when it's behind the sprites looking like it would go through walls.. will change that!
- pause menu is already added in my current version
-I will play with the hitbox a bit to see what feels better!

Again, thank you very much for the feedback, that was definitely useful!

Thank you for playing! :) I'm already working on a controls option where you can set everything how you want it to be! For when the player gets hit I will add screenshake and I also thought about a red surface that surrounds the screen when it gets critical or something like that. That's definitely a good point, thank you for that! :)

sure thing! :)

Thank you for your feedback! I watched your video and you did very well :) Most of your complaints are already fixed and I hope you give it another try when I update the game! 

Thank you for playing! Custom controls will be in the next update! Already working on that

Thank you for pointing that out! I'm already working on all the bugs you guys are mentioning. This helps so much!

Thank you so much! Really appreciate that! I saw the video, you played pretty well :D I already did a lot of improvements from all the feedback I got so I can now focus on creating new content :)

Hey! Thank you for your feedback! The pathfinding is the biggest weak-spot in the game right now.. I'm working on that..
I made a discord server a while ago but never posted it because there was nothing to talk about before the demo.. But now it might be a good idea :)

Thank you for the nice feedback! 

The LB ability is not implemented yet, your controller is fine :) The item improvements shouldn't override, I'll take a look at that! I'm working on the health regeneration (maybe orbs that drop randomly or flasks) but I also want to build in items that grants you HP regeneration. The camera is a problem I know. I currently work on a better generation for the map, the view shouldn't be a problem after that! Also the pause menu is in the making :) 

Again, thank you for playing and for the feedback, this really helps a lot!

Thank you! Did you played the 2.0 version? The bug should be fixed there..

Thank you for playing man! Seems like you get the same error as the one before... will dive into it ASAP!

Thank you so much for playing and reviewing! That's exactly the reason I created this demo! I will definitly look at all of the things you said, sounds all very helpful.

I will get an update ready as soon as possible to fix that bug!

Im implementing this in the new update. For now you could just press alt + enter :)

Thank you! No this is a known bug. I fixed this already in the updated version which im working on!

Thank you, glad you liked it! Yeah I implemented a lot since I uploaded this version and I already fixed the portal bug in there. Also I added a mechanic that the bullet deals only damage if its in movement and you can only shock it once (then you have to pull it back to recharge the shock). 

Thank you! Yeah now I think about the name too..but since this was actually only for the game jam I havn't thought about the name very much. But I will defenitly rethink that!

Very nice game, I love the visuals! I made it through but with like 120394082030 deaths :D