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The Great CornChip is pleased

This is one of the great Cornchip army with all the sword1 made by him himself

The great cornchip

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photo#1 and Photo#2

I am looking forward to the next update but what i hope for the next update is a possibility of a boss and for the first boss i SUGGEST CORN CHIP. For those who do not know Corn Chip is a cditdz meme going around about a extremely powerful boss called corn chip who is the robot who destroyed planet earth and i created the meme but enough about explaining the meme i am now here to Ask lf CORN CHIP CAN BE ADDED AS THE FIRST BOSS TO THE GAME. What i think he should be is a powerful jetpack swordman that can switch from sword,bow and hammer and has a special ability that the human can not obtain. THE SPIN CHARGE is where he spins with his hammer at very high speeds and when he spins the moment that the front of him faces the player he will use his jetpack to fire a powerful charge and spin like a tornado at the player at high speeds. He should also have a better arrow then the player can obtain like for example times 2 the speed or 350% width and 200% Length and now i hope you like my suggestion FOR THE GREAT CORN CHIP.

Are there any new upgrades besides the jetpack?

yea because i get the bow every time i play the game but then have to switch to sword for the rest so it would be very cool lf i could do a full bow run

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To me the bow is a pretty great weapon but it becomes almost useless in the later stages where they can just reflect it back at you so i got some suggestions for the bow.

Arrow impact: the arrow still gets reflected but it does unleashes a small shock wave damaging the bot barely as in 1/3 the damage

Arrow speed: The arrow becomes faster so that they have a less chance of dodging and a better chance of get hit by the arrow

Homing arrow: the arrow barely turns to the closet target but still kinda useful

Arrow length: like the arrow width upgrade but for better chance of hitting those who try to jump to avoid it

Super Arrow: you can charge up and let the arrow take 2 bars of power but it comes with 35% more width and length and 40% faster