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Any chance to add 32x32 and 64x64 as export size options?  Seems it would be an easy request to fulfill, as having to drag the export into aseprite to resize is tedious.

Would love to test your game out, but I'm stuck at Press any key.  Keyboard does nothing.  Xbox 360 controller does nothing.  PS4 controller does nothing.  Which "any key" is it referring to?

I know how to render the animation playing, but can't figure out how to just render a burst only. Is this possible, and if so please advise how I can do it.

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Great tool guys and good to see Gamemaker being used like this.  Just a few requests/suggestions to improve it.

1/ When you have multiple emitters activated, but want to quickly isolate one, having the ability to right click to select just that one, or alt-click, or something would be really useful, like alt-click eye icon layer visibility in photoshop.  Then you can do the same to go back to what you had activated before.  Also you should be able to click and drag across all the systems to flip them on/off at once.

2/ Gravity and speed Incr.  only move in .1 and you need to type in 0.05 for example.  Can't this scale be a setting we can change, as 0.05 would be useful, and I see in your video's it used to be that.  Even if we hold alt and drag to get smaller increments it would help.

3/ The gif export seems to export with the previous frame option on, as importing the finished gif into gamemaker brings in a gif that has each frame as a combination of the previous one.  It also has a tendency to leave many blank frames at the start.  I realise you are using a 3rd party app to do your export though, so am aware you may be limited in what you can do with your current pipeline.

4/ With gamemakers ability to import strip# pngs, it would be really useful to know the frames in the export.  Not sure if that's possible at run time, but even after it's exported it would be useful to show then so we can add it to the file afterwards instead of counting them ourselves.

5/ The png export is not great, as you are left with a huge blank area up the top, making importing a cut and paste effort first.  How do we get the first image of the export to be up the top left?  Even when I deleted that area, Gamemaker doesn't like a 7x5 grid of images and failed to import it correctly.  Do you have a workflow for Gamemaker import from Pixel FX?

6/ A multi level undo would be nice :)

Thanks guys.

Thanks for playing and commenting.

I tried to make it accessible, with no deaths/lives, and give cues/prompts from Porter speaking to help guide the player.  I'd be curious which particular aspect was hard, as it would help my design in the future.

Thanks for playing and commenting, and glad you liked it.

When you first pick up the portal machine, he says it has writing on it, and that it only works on "in-ani-mate" objects only.  Porter is only 10, so being a big word, he sounds it out.  Agree that people have a perception of Portal and people entering them, but that's why I wanted to make it slightly different.  It's an origin story, people portals come later :)

Appreciate the feedback though.

Cute little game.  Got a little laggy sometimes, but that's probably my browser.  Good effort though.

Yeh that would help.

Also feel free to play and rate my entry too. 

Hi, thanks for taking the time to play it and also to comment.

Totally agree with you about level design.  I had a concept of dropping a box out a chute if one got destroyed, but time got the better of me, and in the end the levels are so short all it broke was the story aspect really.  Definitely can be improved on though, as well as adding more uses for the portals.  Maybe for a future project.

As for the lag, I've never heard of Gamemaker specific Windows 10 lag, and never experienced it, and I've been using GMS for ages.  It only runs at 30fps, and just did a frame test, and it's over 1000fps.  The code is pretty simple.  If you're getting it on other projects might be something on your rig.

Thanks again for the comments.

All good.  There were a lot of positives in yours, so good luck on your next one.

Also feel free to play and rate my entry too.

haha, I'm so used to Unity/Gamemaker entries.  Nice work using java, and nice entry.

Also feel free to play and rate my entry too.

Cool.  What was this written in?

Also feel free to play and rate my entry too.  Always good to get feedback on your own attempts.

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Firstly congrats on getting a game done in the time.  I played all the way through, and found it quite good.

Graphics wise, it's well done.  The characters are really fun, and the background parallax is subtle and suitable.  I like how the instruction are pinned to the background.  Works really well.  The cutscenes are done well and it's always nice to have a story as opposed to just a game to play.

For the improvements, please add skip options on cutscenes.  On my first game it crashed after the enemy shot me, while I was rolling towards him, so I had to quit and start the game again.  Having to sit through seen cutscenes is painful.  The main character walks pretty slow, but that is just personal preference I guess.

Overall though it's a fun little game, well done.

Thanks for playing my entry too.

I'll be sure to check it out later.  I had already rated.  I picked your game to play as it hadn't got any rating yet, so wanted to give it a shot.  You put lots of hours in, so seems fair everyone gets feedback.  If you could both rate mine too, I'd appreciate it.

All the best guys.

Thank you so much for taking the time and giving feedback, I appreciate it.

Details are hard to find time to add in a jam, but I agree, the polish is what I really enjoy adding.  Would love to have had time for more.

Agree about the floatiness of Porter.  After the jam I'll change it a bit.  I had left it like that so he gets knocked more when a moving box hits him, but I'll adjust it and only let it be like that when that occurs.

As for the jump bug, that's a nice find.  Something I hadn't actually tried. Was a state change problem, and have fixed it now so will update post jam.  Great feedback mate, you obviously tested all the systems for problems, so appreciate the thoroughness.

Once again, thanks for your time.  Good luck on Flynn, I love so much about it, and talking of polish, Flynn just has it in spades. I've played the demo, so can't wait to play the full when it's released.

Ah yes that worked.  First thing, that background is really cool looking, so nice coding to get it to look funky like that.

Obviously a jam card game is going to be simple, and this one surely is.  It's well done though and it's fun to try your reflexes out.  Mine are not so good after a week jamming though lol.

Well done on your game, and for not making another platformer like everyone else :)

Ah, I unzipped it first.  All good, got it running now.  The tutorial does a great job of explaining the principles.  Once the tutorial was over though and I was on my own, I didn't really know what to do next, as all the menu option on buildings led me no where.

I appreciated the detailed skill trees though, it's obviously a pretty deep game.  Congrats on getting it built in the time limit.

I was playing on keyboard.  I tried holding at different times, but when running and doing it, I was getting some mixed results.  Maybe I need to go back and give it more time.  The lack of air control though hurt in getting those exact movements to navigate platforms.

I'm guilty too, as my game, Porter, is fairly floaty, but considering I don't have a lot of finite control requirements, I'm excusing myself, hehe.

Congrats on your entry.  It's actually quite detailed and polished.  I did find the jump a little low, and the enemies really tough to deal with, especially with limited weapons.  Seems like there is a good game in there trying to get out though, but tough to tick all the boxes in a jam.

I love the dialogue boxes, they are well done, and the quest aspect is novel too.

Well done on your game.

I can't get the download to work.  After clicking download the download screen shows, but nothing happens.

I downloaded the .jar version, as it's the only one, but it has no exe for windows.  How do I play your game on Windows?

I don't know how you get the time to do these when you are working on Flynn, but it was a real nice entry.  Your skills in implementing high levels of polish is impressive, and envious :)

I'd love if you could look at my entry, Porter, and give some advice on improvements as I follow you on Twitter and respect your opinion greatly. Cheers.

Congrats on getting a game complete and entered in the jam.  Space shooters are really great for jams, and new gamemakers as they don't really have too many collisions, so when time is short you can focus on getting other things done.

The real problem with the game though is the scaling.  I used Gamemaker for my jam game, and not Unity, so I'm not sure how to do it in Unity, but you have to set up the scaling correctly so it keeps your original quality pixel art.  As it stands, the tiny thumbnail screen is scaled with anti aliasing and it ends up a blurry mess.  Maybe look into how to fix that for future games and keep learning.

The game movement is a little slow too for me, but that might be an individual thing.

Well done though on getting your entry in.

Great little game.  Graphics are really well done, and the music bops along nicely.  If in between levels you could choose a power up to increase your weapon damage, or give a shield, etc, it would add so much to the motivation to continue playing.  As it stands I got to the third level and died, and didn't really want to play all the way back to that spot.  A continue as well as a retry would be nice, and I know it stops people playing it the whole way through, but considering it's a jam game people usually don't have too long to play them.

Really polished good game though, congrats on getting it done in the time, with all those trimmings.

I played the demake attempt but the controls are a little frustrating.  Maybe I'm missing something, but the hat thrown position is not always in the same spot, so throwing and jumping on it is so inconsistent it makes it frustrating to play.  And because the correction in the air is so sluggish, you can't correct and hit the hat, instead just miss it and obviously fall.  This could because I never played the original though, so am not used to the physics.

You're obviously really talented, so congrats on getting the game done in time, it's a good effort.

Well considering this is your first Godot game, well done!  Nothing like the pressure of a jam to push you to learn.  It's simple, but it doesn't aim too high so it achieves what it need to.

I did break it though, seems you can jump off the edges and fall thousands of feet forever.  Well considering you busted my jam game, Porter, on stream, we'll call it even :)

haha, great effort mate.

haha, thanks for even playing, glad you liked it.

That section around the button is meant to have steel plates, which would stop that happening.  Kind of a game breaking bug, sorry man, but appreciate you playing it :)

Congrats on submitting something for the jam.  Your game seems quite large, and it was fun running around in it.  At times if you stand close to the enemy you don't even see them attack, so don't notice you hp going, as there is no sound/visual clue.  Maybe an attack frame, or damage shown would help.

Also running diagonal is too fast, as it shouldn't be a combination of your h and v speeds. It's more like 1.4x, maybe try looking into it.

All up though, good effort guys.

Congrats on making a game in the time for the jam.

Personally I found Space Adventures a little difficult.  Once mistake and you're back to the beginning.  Maybe some checkpoints to encourage players to see more of your game would help.  A fullscreen option would also be nice.

What a fun game.  Your level design is top notch.  Seems like something the speed runners would love.  The difficulty is nicely tuned, although I did find some parts needed flags to be not so far away as it's a real punish to topple 4-5 screens back at times.  Music is also nicely placed.

Great job overall though.

Firstly congrats on making a game for the jam.  It's a hard thing to do in the time allocated, and you've done a good job.  The music is fun and everything moves a at a quick pace.

I agree with Case. though.  Especially in a game where you put such a tight time limit on the player, to have to spend time looking at the level first to see what you can jump on kills the momentum.  Also the other thing is the difficulty.  It's pretty tough, and the time limit is so short.  In a jam it's hard to get that balance right, and to please everyone though.

All up, a cool game and a nice job.

Just played through it and thought it was well built and played nicely.  Gravity felt a little strong, but that might just be personal preference.  Some guidance or notification on what items are/do would of been nice, but other then that, it's a solid effort.

Lastly, the only bug I saw was a throwing guy doing the motions, but not actually throwing anything.

Just played through it and thought it was well built and played nicely.  Gravity felt a little strong, but that might just be personal preference.  Some guidance or notification on what items are/do would of been nice, but other then that, it's a solid effort.

Lastly, the only bug I saw was a throwing guy doing the motions, but not actually throwing anything.

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Hey, thanks for playing!  Yeh there's a few bugs I'd like to work on, but what can you do, it's a jam and time is limited.  Sound repeating is one on the list for sure.  You can always hit tab/select and restart the level. 

Appreciate the feedback.

Obviously you've been putting in lots of time on this mate, nice job.  Late in NZ right now, so kudos for the hard work.

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Looking good.  The alpha line when dragging is a great idea.


Could we have ALT as the shortcut for the colour picker?

Double clicking the header to maximise/minimise.

Ability to assign keys to right mouse, eg eraser.

Resizing brushes could resize fast if the key is held down for 1/2 a sec of so.

Warning when closing the document to save.

Holding shift to allow straight lines to be drawn.

The number of Undo/Redo is amazing.  Could we get them to cycle faster if we hold down the keys?

Also we must be ready for layers right? :)

GMLive.gml community · Created a new topic Frame rate issue


I have a simple project with a single ds_grid loop in a draw event, that is 35 lines.  It's not intensive at all and runs at ~2000fps.  Enabling gml_live on this page drops the fps to ~70.

Is this normal with ds_grid's?