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this was so cute !!!!! i luvd it so much and as a bi girl who usually acts more like hana it was super sweet to see it from a different lesbian perspective owo 

this was so good holt shit lmfaoskjsjs the thing with jess caught me so off guard omg

OK I FIGURED OUT THE SAVE THING JUST ESC IM DUMB i still dont know how to do censor off and have no idea how to get the secret endings

this game is great but i have two concerns; 

i dont know how to save ? i dont have the bar at the bottom most vns do i can only load ? also the menu button in the bottom right doesnt do anything when i click it.

and next; h-how do i turn off the censor... i have been looking for a while and i think im stupid

just played the game, i really love it ! its so pretty and although there are some errors in grammar or punctuation it is made so professionally that im still incredibly impressed ! i was wondering, at the full release of the game, how much will it cost, and is there any way for me to get an alert when it is released ? :)