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Oh that's a bug I never encountered. I'll look over it see why it could happen. Thanks for playing !

I will dream of this Witch and hope I don't wake up to remember I experienced her. I had some laughs tho fun ideas.

Thanks for taking the time PHI, I enjoyed your playthrough a lot. I'm taking some good notes!

You said enough in the fact that I got something interesting but still need to design around it to make it worthwhile. I don't put aside a full art rework, I'll evaluate it when I have more solid gameplay. Thanks for playing Jonok.

Not a fan of the artistic direction but it's  a matter of taste, it looks polished. Reminds me of the end levels in Ecco the Dolphin. Feels slick to play. I would have liked some more playthrough before that first boss/big dude but it was still manageable.

Very nice concept. Have you thought of the character climbing the ledges directly while still allowing player to initiate a jump?

I imagine a 4v4 game, where every player has its own square. I'm a lot worse than last time for whatever reason, very tight.

Nice little game. Reminds me of that baseball with winnie the pooh, where you fight several bosses with weird pattern. The ball passes behind the character, if you wanna fix that later on.

Thank you for playing! I will keep it in mind but as shown in the status, it's only a prototype.

Thanks for the compliments! I got all the base structure to play up to 4 players turn after turn, unfortunately was missing only the turn orders (priority with the shuffled cards works, the loser get's beat up and get money stolen by other players. The Bridge minigame works like this: when you hear the cracking, it means the bridge is susceptible to break. It's safe to advance when there's no crackings heard. Thank you for playing by the way!

Please don't take this as a bad critic, but the overall wackyness of your game is on point. A whole game in this style and feeling would surpass a Goat Simulator in my book.