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Slime Studios

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You can sell tiered items and set up easy tiered payment say you wan to offer one project or game for 5 dollars and another for 10 ect ect then you can upload them all and set the prices as youd like all on one page, weve done this with products offering a cheaper smaller version for those who paid 15 and a larger version for $40 sounds about the same as youd like to do with your products!

Hello, I am reaching out to request custom CSS for my Creators page on itch.io, we use it as a landing site for our games and studio and would like to be able to customize its look further then the HTML and Edit theme options will allow. 

Thanks in advance!

reach out to me in the Discord on your decision @Kodystone | Slime Studios#5892

I just so happen to have a game I want to finish that is only lacking a story do you have a Discord App account? Here is a image from the game contact me for more information! 

will be picking up ASAP looks wonderful!

It just happened in our Slime Jam https://itch.io/jam/slime-studio-jam In our discord server. Most games are clearly marked.

Ive actually seen this happen with not only our games but also with Game Jams, people complaining games wont run when they are trying to open a .exe on a Android Tablet OS.

Thanks for the heads up ill make sure to spread the word! Thanks for all the hard work guys.

AWESOME GAME wonderful use of our assets!

Perfect 10/10

fantastic thank you!

I do not have an answer to this 

This was a fun game that took me a minute to understand lol looks simple at first but ended up being harder then i expected!

Awesome game love the 80's feel.

Simple and fun great use of our assets!

A wonderful fun game with lots of potential. 

Thank you!

We need your game not your Code man submit it on itch.io

Thats all you can ask for in a game jam. :]

Amazing entry into the Slime Jam very well done we will let you know the results in a few days!

This was a great way to end your submission! I am sorry to hear you had such a rocky start to your Jam experience, but the most important part is your learned something and had fun doing it. Learning a brand new engine is one of the hardest things you can do even more so when you have very little time so I am impressed with your resolve to finish! 

I will be playing the game now and writing up a small report for you as well!

Code will be fine as alot of participants are new to development and it helps even the playing field alittle. Just be sure to credit anything you use so we as judges can see how much it's been edited of at all!


maybe we are Slime O:

only 2D in this one I will make sure to include 3D in next one.

if you made it since we are so close and are allowing an asset pack I'm fine either with it. Art is often the hardest part of a game jam so I want folks to have a chance to finish their game in the time frame.

just anything Slime related! Could be a pool of slime you bounce on, or maybe a slime you drink that gives you super powers! The sky is the limit.


1. Creativeness 
 2. Was it Slime related? 
3. is it playable? 
4. Was it fun?

i think a out of 5 score would be good, we were planning to simply make sure they met the criteria and then do the judge favorite! 

Thanks for bringing this up.

nope not at all use any engine you would like!

Use this Community Forum to talk about the Slime CCG meta game, what cards do you think are the best? 

What are your favorite cards to play with?

What cards do you hate to play against?

Feel free to comment below any Slime Comic ideas you want to see! In the mean time we will keep chugging away. 

Thanks everyone and please keep it clean and no NSFW stuff.



Slime are adorable little creatures that change to adapt to their environment our adventures are told through these unique and always changing Slime!

There are dozens and dozens of different slime and new slime are being discovered everyday! Some are simple and colorful others have adapted to their surroundings!

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Game looks amazing cant wait to play and give some feedback! follow up comment coming soon lol :D

Not at this stage but its a possibility some future planned aspects maybe awesome for mutliplayer.

hey thanks for the feed back!

Controls were super rigid and in terms of polishing and level design it could use some work but this is a solid start to a game great job guys!

for a game jam game I am not disappointed there was a lot that can be improved, I cant however outright say it was bad because you tried and that's what matters. great job my friend!

Mostly Unity store assets thrown in a map with some HUD non existent gameplay could have at least set some rocks up to platform on. 2/5 a crossed the board. 

Wonderful little indie game great job guys!

Well it all depends on the type of jam really if its based on ratings from the community then you will surely get some feed back on how to improve the game, if its a Jam that has a panel of judges like this one then most likely you wont get ALOT of feedback but you may get some from the judges and from those in the community to play your game for the jam! 

Hope this helped and sorry for the late reply.

Halloween is here folks! lets make some fun and spooky games!


What are you going to be for Halloween?