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Can you use, or implement custom shapes beyond the spheres, squares, cylinders that a clay object can be? :) In the video I linked earlier, it seemed like @pushmatrix was able to get his hand models to also be clay. Epic stuff by both him and you!

No, that makes perfect sense. Thanks man. I've bound the position of the negative solids onto my hands (using a simple script that just sets the position of the solid to that of my hand on every "Update" call. So now, it 'excavates' the positive solids whenever I move my hand through them! Great effect already.  Although, my performance is definitely taking a hit with this implementation. I might implement a coroutine to do it at a fixed time rather, but I'll play around and see what works best. I'm excited to work on it more now and tomorrow.

Thanks for the prompt reply! I've sorted it out. After I imported the XR Management package into my project, it started working. 

Could you please advise me on one or two more things though.

How do multiple clay containers interact with one another? I'm looking to make a sort of excavation experience, whereby users can sift through the clay (using a negative blend value on a clay object that is bound to the Oculus Touch controllers), and subtract from a composite clay creation. Do I have to have this clay object on the controllers in the same container for this interaction to work? At the moment, I have the clay composite in a separate container to the negative object (bound to the controllers), and I'm not getting any interaction between the containers. Sorry for the noobish questions, I absolutely love the concept behind your toolbox, and am really looking forward to create something exciting with it.

Hey there,

I was hoping you could help me figure out why my clayxel objects aren't being rendered correctly when I use a VR camera rig as opposed to a normal camera? Perhaps I'm missing something simple, but I'm unable to see the clayxel objects when I view a scene using my Oculus Quest (linked to desktop). The shadows of the clayxel objects are visible in the scene, and when I inspect the scene using the "scene" view at runtime, the objects are appearing. However, they aren't being rendered/drawn in the "game" view when I'm in play mode. I've used a standard camera to inspect the scene as opposed to my OVRCameraRig (an Oculus prefab), and when I do so, the objects are once again correctly rendered, and in view. 

Perhaps I'm not performing some or other requirement for this to work (maybe something to do with the two cameras for each eye; stereoscopic view). However, I saw this video (, which was obviously created in a VR Unity scene using the same hardware as I. Well, the same VR HMD. Maybe it has something to do with my set up? My GPU is currently a GTX 970, which is obviously quite dated nowadays. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated :)