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I think its one of the others I missed.

Spot I checked from your direction below.

More detail of spot below

I did talk to the statue.

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I played back around in 2.2. I got craving to finish / touch this again a longish while later aka now. I just stumbled into Umbrella and I have many abilities. (Then did save saving and updated to 2.4) Any Idea where I go / what I do? My notes don't help me in a direction next to go.

Image of my inventory below.

I got 3/4 SM

A short good time. Reminds me of SMW water physics with less speed caps XD. Cute and some fun rooms and jokes. Took me 39 minutes.

Good time. I wish you well on things. I did win.


A fun time. Thx

Text Sounds great. Amazing music tracks. Pretty good vibe. For the short time its something neat, could do with more to extend or ease into more of those feelings but nice. Clean gui & text sounds is so nice.


short sweet neat expierence


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had Fun. thx. Peaceful, odd, & chaotic. neat.

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This is awesome.  I would like some kind of score counter though. Like Lines Cleared & timer, also end screen with em when you lose.

Fun short expirence.

2hrs in 2 sessions. The point of sign is brutal.

Excited. <3 Found ya recently.


Amazing. Playing the game made me realise how cool the concept is.
Excited for more with this. Especially saves XD.

Technique explanation would be nice too.

Amazing game I just finished with the hard mode enabled (For basically all). Such good movement mechanics, interactions using said mechanic, bosses, & challenges. I recommend giving it a shot Its amazing!! <3 Lots of love seemingly put into it. Does a lot overall pretty good to extremely quite AMAZING!! <3 <3 <3

Once you start getting the hang of it with its indepth but well introduced mechanics it really pushes a movement system that is quite unique. Its kinda like a mix of plane / glider (limited but regerative propulsion) game but a platformer, (Give it a chance it will just might take a bit or some thoughts to click / develop) 

! Momentum is used to great effect in the usage of flight. Speed feels good and slowing feels reactive / after a tad bit natural (You need to pay attention to slowing / turning well), does be a bit light mainly on the ground lots of thoughts towards momentum and strategy with the movement goes a great way to acomplishing your goals. Recovery from slow speeds and use of walls is quite satisfying and used to great effect wth some challenges.

Lots of intresting engaging gameplay, well paced light but intriguing story,finding your tutorials through out post the basics is also a nice way of pace info. pretty decent system of collects, & many unique boss fights putting your wits and some creativity to a test.

Those reading, give it a shot if your intrigued. Keep it in mind if your busy. Quite a nice set of expierences. 

Many Kudos Kudos Kudos To you all! <3 <3 <3

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

7-11-2022 1:41am

Amazing heart wrenching expierience . Kudos to you all <3

Treasured in memory.

Thx temmie.

I should get to playing dwellers fully soon. Decided to play this after remembering / checking what came first, & only touching Dwellers a while ago.

Awesom e game! Amazing music, sprites, & bullet patterns.

Thx for the expierence. 

Excited if you decide to do a full release.

This is pretty great. Kudos. Looking forward to more atmosphere & cat. 

I found the rave & the "Dream Artifact", also got 108 collects before the rave.

I am questionable of the collectable (kudos on look and sound by the way) if you intend them to be unique or not (Since post rave they respawn). Also curious of your ideas over how they go away at a distance, maybe replace with a sprite when far away?  (Idea I seen from Zera Myth Awakens) Its nice to collect em all, maybe a counter post "level / expierence"?  Though I can see it just being more chill thing as well. Though I think the suspense to get em seems right myself.

(Also for fountain maybe not have it be 1 click per bit?)

Thx for the expierence with this demo by the way. It was fun

Wow. That was a ride. Thanks for the fun. Kudos to you & those who helped. Great expierence.

I like cerberus and Hint mouse.

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I won my first run with amazing luck. I got 3 letter (mostly using 2) Piggybank + Orksork ax, wizardstaff + conduit + broken ring + Splint... ahhh!

Either way this game is neat. Excited for more content and to to play more still.

<3 <3 <3 THIS IS AMAZING!!! <3 <3 <3


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I love this. SO COOL! SO enveloping & emersive! Music is amazing & soundtrack for it! Highly recomend. THANK YOU "SOFT BODY"! 

Controller recomended. 

(I used a gamecube controler with a C stick replacement so its the right stick cap)