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Sleepy Bats

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Thank you. I'm trying to find one that doesn't affect pictures. My game is being heavily reliant on it.

Ah! Thay explains it. I had EliBooks bellow it. Thank you so much!

I need to ask, does it affect pictures ? I'm having a massive problem with my game because it zooms into pictures and just breaks the game really.

If I try to use it, it gives me this error:

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed!

Hi, I'm trying to get into game development and start making games with Unity, opposed to RPG maker like I've done since I was a kid. But I can't really find any TEXT based explanations. Best I found was Unity's own teaching videos, but I cannot get behind videos, I'm look for text based. Like books, something I can keep reading and learning. Any recommendations ?

You guys should make a download launcher for this. It's rather annoying having to keep the tab for this game open at all times waiting for when I feel like playing.

Red steel 2 ? You move with the nunchuck addon, and aim with the wiimote. And depending of what motions you do with the wiimote you do different moves.

I can't play the game. The sensitivity is so insanely high, that even at my mouse's lowest settings its too much still. And I can't even pause the game. I bought this game really excited to play it, but I can't play it because of the lack of mouse settings. These two should be basic things for a shooter.

By that I don't mean games that you add to steam and then enable gyro for the camera movement. I mean games that are focused on motion controls. Something like Red Steel 2.  Its such an unexplored way to play games that's been abandoned since the Wii. I was hoping that maybe some indie developer out there has made a game that has motion controls that is as fun to play as something on the Wii.

Macbat 64 community · Created a new topic Steam key ?

Hi, I just purchased the game, and it said that it includes a Steam Key ? I connected my steam and said there are no keys available right now. Is there any way I can directly contact the Dev about this ? I'd appreciate at least an answer.

Very stylish and really adorable. I enjoyed it. Me and my bf loved it! Congrats on making your first game! What a great first step.