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Oh, I'm sorry for that! I never used a Mac and I don't really know how to build my game for it. I'll try to fix it!


It's here:

You can actually play it and give me feedback. Isn't that awesome?

DAY 10:

Hello! I made some new things and new levels but I guess I'll just let you discover it by yourself when the jam ends :v

Oh and that happened.

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DAY 9:

Hey! I can't belive it's already 9th day of the jam. I made a lot of stuff today but I'll keep it really short.

There's a level selection screen! Which means there are other levels! I made 4 new level that are all unique and I like every single one of them ;D I won't post any gifs on them here cause I don't want to spoil the game for you (it's not like I've shown every level already on discord).  Also, there's a small easter egg in the game now. I wonder if someone will find it :v I fixed some bugs too (and probaby made some new ones).

You can see that these devlogs are getting a lot shorter. That's because I'm really focusing on the game. So that's good.

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DAY 8:


I haven't done too much today. Added a simple menu and music now doesn't restart every time when there's a scene change or scene restart. So it's something. I mostly tried using Blender today but it didn't work out.

DAY 7:

Heyooo! Today my 2 week school break starts so I will have a lot of time to work on my game!

Big thing - there's music. But not just that - the less health you have, the slower it gets. And it sounds awesome! If you're wondering - yep, I just took the music from a royalty free music website cause I can't make my own. Since you can't hear sounds from gifs, here's a short YouTube video I made to showcase it:

Yeah, I didn't feel like editing this video so there's a part where I'm turning off recording. I hope you'll forgive me. As you probably saw in the video, after death player turns into a zombie.

Turning into a zombie turns off the grappling hook and shows the same message about restarting as having 0 grappling hook uses left (though I added it later so it's not shown). Before anyone asks - there will be no roblox death sound in the final game.

Today also was probably the most terrifying moment in my whole game making experience. The game just broke. But it wasn't one thing - EVERYTHING JUST WENT CRAZY. Zombies were moving on their own, I couldn't see most of the objects, player was turning into a zombies just by touching them, camera was rotating with the player and some other stuff. I had no idea what to do. I checked every script - everything was alright there. After about 5 minut of complete misery and chaos I finally found it - for some reason the player object had another camera. After deleting it everything worked fine again.

I tried adding an item that gives player more grappling hook uses but it didn't work out.

DAY 6:

Heeeeey, I'm tired. I did some things today.

The grappling hook feels much more alive now. It took about 2 hours, 2 desires to give up and a lot of help from other people to do it but it was totally worth it.

As you can see, there's a health bar in the corner. It works like that: the more zombies you have on you the faster you die. I like it cause it adds some difficulty other than limited grappling hook uses.

There was one bug where the line didn't disconnect but I think I fixed it.

Also, when you have 0 grappling hook uses left this bad boy appears to let you know what you can do:

I learned a lot today. It was a good day.

Oh, you can also do that. That's important.

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DAY 5:

Heeey, I drunk a lot of hot chocolate . It was really tasty. So what did I made today? Oh boy, today was a productive day. We finally did it.

YOU CAN NOW SEE THE GRAPPLING HOOK! After about an hour of trying to make it work and a lot of help from other people participating in the jam it finally worked. It's not perferct and if I would make some moving parts that the player could grapple to, it just wouldn't work good. But for now - it works.

From less important things - there's no longer a bug where you could grapple to those big blocks and get inside them. Actually, when I put it like that, I no longer think it's less important.

Okay, maybe that wasn't really very productive day but I feel like it was. There's still a lot of things to make.

I got some really awesome feedback from you :D Still, if you have any cool ideas, let me know!

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Yeah, that's a great idea actually that would make the game better and also fix some of the bugs and problems I'm having  with it. Though the grappling hook code is pretty complicated for someone like me. No visible grappling hook is a pretty good evidence of that. But I could try to implement it. Thanks!

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DAY 4:

Heeey everyone! I was pretty sceptical about making a devlog. I just think starting from day 5 is kinda weird. But I decided to make it anyway. Though it won't be as long as other devlogs.

At the start of the jam I didn't really have any idea of what I want to make. I started to make something like a bridge builder but got annoyed about jumping so I decided to make a grappling hook. I wanted to make it about saving girls, cause the theme of the jam is "love" but I used a green sprite by mistake and just left it like that. And that's how Grappling Death came to existence. I might change that title later.

So, what is Grappling Death? It's a game about using a grappling hook to get bitten by zombies and then taking them to a certain place. Okay, it sounds weird when I put it like that. I'll just show you a gif:

This is just a level where I put all the things I made to later use them to make other levels. As you can see, there's a limited number of grappling hook uses. Game would be too easy without it :P And that brings us to another question: WHY IS THERE NO VISIBLE GRAPPLING HOOK IN A GAME ABOUT USING A GRAPPLING HOOK? Let's just say I'm working on it. Also, I just noticed that for some reason player changes color and has a weird circle on his body in that gif above. Nothing like that happens it the actual game.

Things I want/need to implement into the game right now:

- a visible grappling hook

- a "power up" that gives you more grappling hook uses

- a background

- spikes (maybe)

What do you think? Do you have any cool ideas? Let me know ;D