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Just played a few minutes, Highly recommend this game. Dialogue is hilarious. The music is quite unique. Overall its been a gem to play. Not sure where it'll go next but is sure to a barrel of fun and laughs. Can't wait to finish the current demo and play the full game.

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First played this game in the 0.92 release, got busy and didn't check back till now. Really interesting story, and am glad to see it was finished. EDIT: Really glad the updates didn't break saves, really nice to start from where I left off.

Okay, when I first started to replay it looked the same so I didn't think it carried over, just replayed it and got to the credits.

I got to the point where it booted me to the main menu, I can only presume that is the "End" of the game. This game is quite interesting and I had quite a bit of fun playing it.

Played the demo for a while, I love the art style and all the little details carefully put in it. I definitely want to support this game on kick starter.

I have been following this game for a while (since beta 4 went up). It looks good, the new update seems promising, and with seeing work put into it I would like to support this game to help make sure it can make to a full release in the future. The game does ahve its issues but those seem to be being worked on.