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Getting some strong wariolandy vibes!

Great concept , music was really loud but great and fits the aesthetics of the game. 

Incredible composition, well done on that. Great 3d model render and animation of characters. Love the simple gameplay loop. overall well done, great effort

What lovely concept. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The music imo fit very well.

Really well done for such a short amount of time. Music was soothing and the gameplay really made had to make me think.


Love dinosaurs!

Lovely music

action packed!


A bit too difficult

no need for the cross hair as it doesnt direct the ball 

BRUTALL!! 10/10 

Art is amazing. Music is incredible and gameplay is fantastic love the full thing.

Great visuals. but the sound effects where so low in frequency genuinely had to turn it off as it literally just made it hard to play. Also as someone else mentioned dont know if its in line with the theme.

Interesting art direction very simple and does the job. At one point i was immortal and could never lose the game, this felt very empowering as a player, so props for that. 

Really great game!



 graphical UI




Its odd how you have to flick the balls the same direction and not the opposite direction like how you flick something in real life.

Thanks for playing our game, yh I agree it is a tricky game. 

Damn this game looks really good, loved the gameplay when I crashed tho, the entire game crashed and .exe closed. 

Really liked it, the upgrade system made me playing for a while. awesome game.

All i have to say is WOW! Honestly very well done! 

Very fair points Mr Stefan. Thanks for playing the game amigo!

Im get a rocky vibe here. Really love the character design and the story helps drive the game along very well. I love the concept of the rythym based fighter mechanics would have been awesome if with more time you can make actual boxing matches with ai enemys similiar to punch out. Awesome job guys!

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Yh loved the story but just what Griddolini said i genuinely didn't know what to do, i touched every coloured box but never progressed. Love the split screen mechanic and the concept is pretty cool just would be nice with some ui elements to explain what to do.

Low poly graphics are awesome, and the concept is really cool. I dont know if i was doing it wrong but when i tried click the heart beat for when the marker was heading up it didnt connect when it was going fast. It would have been amazing if you could have made the music sync to the tempo of the heart beat. Like compose a song that is intentionally slow and when u get to a certain speed it still sounds like a sounds fine.Really enjoyed the game! My high score is 51 try beat that guys!

Really loved the hand drawn graphics! And great story. With these kind of emotional story games I would highly recommend fitting time for music as that really really helps a lot with the whole atmosphere more than a lot of other genres. But that saying, I really enjoyed the game!

Fun simple platformer with solid mechanics, short but enjoyed it, Such a shame about the music not getting into this build. Great Work either way!

Really love the funny quirky dialogue (also think your cockney accent was on point!). Such an odd and strange environment in a good way kinda like a comedy sketch. Loved how the music sped up with your hearts BPM. In my opinion I would have chosen a more subtle lead melody sound for the music as it can be a bit too much your face as it is a game with a lot of text and requires the player to concentrate a bit . But all in all really well done to the entire you and your team!

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Enjoyed it a lot. Love the character sprite very cool design and all the ancient guardian characters. The music could have easily been in a snes game especially with those punchy bass samples. Its a little tricky at first trying to read exactly where the heart is telling me where to go, but i eventually managed to collect a couple of hearts.  Well done Pixel metal wolf (great name btw!) especially for a one person team.

Really love it! great idea would be nicer with maybe 4 types of mini games for variation. And also to ramp up the difficulty as the points go higher. Overall still fun to play. well done guys!

WOW! Lets just say i got so into that game Isabella started to shout at me as i was clicking my mouse and keyboard too much thus creating a lot of noise LOL! super well done to you and your team!

Really loved the game. Reminds me of a new game that came out for xbox called Medium where yu swap from different worlds. Really nice and playful artwork, the theme music for the emerald world really fit in nicely, and loved Sarah's witch voice.

Damn! this game is really good. Love the concept well done!

Damn this game was fun is there a cap of enemys you can put on the field i tried 10,000 but im sure it wasnt 10k archers lol. regardless really much enjoyed the game.

Very good game quite addicting! Love the concept and love the art.

Thanks for letting me know that Nazis are bad i am very well educated now.

Really like the game. Reminds me of a game back when i got my first computer in 99 called Mavis teaches typing. Just a pointer sometime the sound glitches when going from one scene to another.

Windows 10 and Microsoft edge

Really love this idea, very original great mechanic.

Incredible game!

Love the game and really cute pixel art, but just want to point out a bug. The menu screen buttons still appear in game. its like outlines of the button so its still playable.

Thanks for playing, we designed it based on retro robot toys from the 80s

Thanks we had really good 3d modellers in our team as you can tell. 

Yh it came out really well and I love the low poly graphics. mart originally our idea is that you are a book shop worker and you had to guess what book the customer (wizard, warrior, archer etc) wanted. Your game just reminded me of this haha

Really enjoyed this game, very simple but one of the few games that has kept the idea within scope haha. Well done! 

Really great game! Love the art style and the gameplay loop. The music in my honest opinion didnt fit the theme so well. And it would help if their was some indication of how much time was left. But all in all one of my favourite games of the jam.