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Skysea Programing

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güzel ama temayla çok uyumluluğu düşük

güzel oyun ama biraz kısa

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What is that legal reasons? It will be very good on online

is it supporting ps3 controller?

very good I had lot's of fun

fbx are work on unity I tried once 

Can I use it on my platform game

kendi projene yorum yapmışsın

aynı hata bende de oluyor 

so thanks


Can I use it on my project please?

ok good luck

THX you too

is that work on real ps1

you must do aPC version project will download better

good looking we must play this until 10th of the month and this is good

this game is very very good


can I use it on my sci-fi Game 

That’s pretty good its bad for I dont making any project to use this I made sci-fi and fps Game

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can I use it on my project(I have Halo 5 and I think I can use it but I wanna ask before using)

Can I use this on my project I realy need it(I made a prototype for Game in my page)