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That's exactly what I tried to do a year ago, and it worked! But since there's no game options other than the controls in the DLC I can't really do anything. It also might be linked to the fact that everytime I would try to install the archive with the game files it would delete itself automatically after a few seconds. All I know is that I want to try it since the original was already really nice.

P.s. Even though there was no way to clear data in the game itself, is there another way outside the game?

I have a problem with the Christmas Curse DLC of the game: the player won't move. Basically when I installed the .zip archive with the game files it wouldn't let me download/extract and when it finally did I opened the game to discover that the player wouldn't move at all. When I press W, A, S or D, doesn't work. Neither does the inventory or the belt. Any help?

P.s. I already had the same problem a year ago with the original version except there's no way to use the same solution with Christmas Curse.

Golden shit

It was programmed in GameMaker Studio which you can download directly from their official website at this link:

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This game is one of the most HORRIBLE games I've ever seen in!

You can't understand how to start the game, you press Z and you are a pixelated roblox character which has to go on blocks, then, you get trolled with a block that you can't actually touch and there is an image. You can't go back to the menu (as of my case) so you have to close the game, re-open it and play. You go to 3-4 blocks and you jump again, BUT THERE IS NOTHING.

I understand that the game is made with GameMaker: Studio, but I did better with that thing. I don't care if it's made in 1 hour, you could work some more. There is no real content at all, the title is clickbait and I thing that for now this game is the most idiotic and horrible game I have ever seen on this site. PERIOD.


Make a way to escape Arts and Crafters. Not the best idea in the world, but something like this would be interesting in Baldi's Basics.