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My achievements got corrupted in the alpha 0.0.9, and gotta try. Gonna tell ya if it worked or not.

EDIT: I encountered that folder in Local, do I have to delete the STROBOVSKY folder or only the save files?

EDIT 2: Nevermind, 'think I got it.

Black humor, brah.

I actually tried to delete all the files related to the game (Like the .rar files and the game files) and nothing changed.

I lost every hope.

I want to see the story of when he severed people's heads to put them in his collection.

About the key bindings, I'd be honest with this, not sure if this is a problem or if it's normal, but when I click the "Controls" button, I get this...qNothing appears, just a black line with a "DONE" button attached to it.

This happened with the alpha 0.0.9 of the game and I got the same "Player not moving" problem. I got the new version just today and this problem continued. I don't even know...

I went through the whole tutorial like 2 times a long time ago, and, I'm a WASD player, so...

No playing anymore I guess.

Hi! I want to ask for a little help. Since a while now, when I start the game, the player just won't move! Did anyone had the same problem? How were you able to fix it?