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im using symantec norton safesecure, i dont think i need a better antimalware.

uhh its free

when you click download there is a thing that says "no thanks, just take me to the downloads" or something like that

click it

Also, the game has been running fine for a week or so

if my antivirus deleted the same file twice after i redownloaded it, im pretty sure the common sense sloution would not be to disable the antivirus...

Ok, so after many attempts and deleting and redownloading baldi's basics multiple times, the game wouldn't run, and then my antimalware deleted baldi.exe.

1: is anyone else having this problem?

2: Mystman can you explain please???

does anyone know if there's a way i can get notifications about the changelog and updates to this game??

i'm assuming you are playing via windows, in which case you should right-click the zipped folder and click extract all files. Go with the default settings presented and you should be able to launch baldi.exe.