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Hi, I want to send you free DLC for your video, just give me any contact(email for example)

There are Resident Evil themes(like RE:CVX safe room, RE1 remake theme, etc.)

Sure, no problem.  Can't wait to see your video!

3rd Comment. Anyway! Thank you!

Thank you!


It's probably because you don't drink or eat. At first you will not be able to sprint(shift) and then you will die. This info is right at start of the game.

Sure! Every help is welcome! Just send me contact and we can talk about it.

Yes, it was. New game I am making is going to be in MV, tho. Thank you for comment :)

Hi people!
At about 80 days, and it will be whole year since I released my first kinda successful game(or my best so far). It got over 200 downloads. (CLICK HERE FOR GAME)

I have been working on other projects, but I never was happy with result. So 3 months ago I started working on sequel to this game. Unfortunely I had to make it 5 times! Always some technical problems, that ruined whole game, and it was better to start over again.

But this time, I am ready to make it, hopefully without any problems. I set release dates on Windows: 21st February
Mac OS X: Unknown(If it will be, it will be untested by me.)
Android: 23rd February

There is also some bonus content to get! Ex. Name in credits, be one of the characters, pre-release version of the game.


This sequel will be much more different from the prequel. It is more adventure and story based. Annoying food and thirst system is removed from game.

And to end this. I have to apologize, but my English sucks. (You probably already noted)

Every download, comment, rating, donate will support me. Thanks to everyone!

Please be specific.

Thank you! I am definitely going to send you link for free DLC!

Thank you for feedback. Try DLC.

Getting first downloads. Thank you!

So if you played this game then you can suggest new features! Feel free to contribute.