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AAAAAAH that was so cute!!! Im super glad u liked it :D

your show was the most magical experience of my life!

can't get the game to start? I typed 'stand up'

aww kitty!!

ahaha im sure if you smash your keyboard fast enough, you can achieve the same effect :P

thanks simon (: 

perfect meme video for this meme game :D

I LOVED THE VIDEO AND YOUR REACTION!! <3 <3 Thank you so much for sharing this, i really appreciates it :D

thank you for playing! and i don't mind at all, im excited for the VIDEO!!!!  

ooO this is actually a really good idea! I might do this instead, we'll see! ugh i wish yoyo games give u discounts for upgrading to web version 

awwww <3

I will definitely give Unity a go in the future!! It just seems super daunting to learn a new engine especially Unity since it's a massive engine compare to gamemaker haha but I know basic C# so hopefully it won't HARD! 

In the meantime, I'll might able to Linux port for gamemaker next week or so. Either that or I'll try to re-make this with Unity. Either way i'll let you know, but a Linux version is available :D

this is super cool!!! thank you for recording this video <3

aaaaa when im not broke, and have money to get the developer version of gamemaker :(

thank you for the feedback! I was worried about the controls, so im happy that it wasnt a problem!

The legend. The meme. 

A cat who is a master of 3 musical instruments: keyboard, bongo and recorder. oh and also meowing.

Link to itchio page