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omg this game is so cute my heart 🥺🥺

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i just made this game make no sense lmaoo. the bandit was a tree, the bandit's gang was boots, the old man was a mushroom, karl was a woman and olivia was a woman. the artifact was the deathly hallows , so i guess that makes sense seeing as it's an artifact

this was so cute 🥺🥺

i love this game so much it's amazing. ( spoilers and my dumb ranting lmao ) the whole time i played this i was telling the mom and uncle barry to shut up before i slap them. when toby was kicked out i was saying " bro if you don't text jack i sWEAR-" and then he texted jack and i was really happy lmao. they're friendship goals ngl i want a friend like jack.

that was so cute omg 🥺

this game was so fun oh my god 🥺

this was the scariest thing i've ever played lmao