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OK.  Thanks.

Saw Blaston demo.  Holy crap.  So wanna play.

You are?  Hell yes.  Which games?  I wanna play.

Played them.  They were fun.  Thanks.  By the way.  How you been?

Tom's still devving.  Count me in.  Also.  Like the game.  Keep them coming.

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Welcome.  Updates coming soon.

Welcome.  Coming soon.

Holy crap, Psionic.  You're a pro.  And damn good.  This game's fantastic.  All the way.  The gameplay.  The controls.  The art.  The sounds.  The idea.  The story.  Everything.  Amazing game.  Any other games?  If so?  I'm definitely playing.  Thank you much.

Holy crap.  Fantastic game.  Very fantastic.  Loved immensely.  Every single part.

Hmm.  DoomVania.  Like the concept.  Definitely playing.

It was fun.  Very fun.  Had legitimate scares.

Horror Point-and-Click.  Sounds fun.  Playing.

Aw.  Wanted finished version.  Crap.


A Lovecraft FPS?  Hell yes.  Sign me up.  Playing.

Solid WIP.  When done?  I'll definitely play

This looks interesting.  Very interesting.  Playing.

This game's fantastic.  Solid gameplay.  Superb animation.  Like.  When's this completed?  Love to finish.



Updated.  Added ASCII face.  Happy when winning.  Mad when losing.

I will.  Thanks.  Coming up.

I played, too.  Very fun game.

Just played.  Enjoyed.  It's very fun.  Like first one.  Thanks much.  More, please

That was fun.  Like first one.  Thanks much.  More, please.

Xbox Controller support.  It's gone.  First game had.  This one doesn't.  That's fine.  Playing anyways.

Played first Xenia.  Playing second Xenia.  

It was.  Thanks

Looks hella-fun.  I'm playing it

Interesting puzzle game.  Enjoyed it.  Simple and intuitive.  Solid gameplay.  More, please.

Just played.  Simple and fun.  Would love continuation.  Also.  The stew.  It's child stew.  With kids inside.  Isn't it?


Another fantastic game.  Awesome job.  Fun graphics.  Fun sound.  Fun controls.  Never was bored.  More, please.


Bloodborne Zelda?  Sounds fun.  Definitely playing.


OK.  That's fine.

More oxygen bubbles.

That was fun.  Enjoyed it.  Solid controls.  Solid gameplay.  More, please.

Whoa.  This looks awesome.  Seems like Sinistar.  Playing.