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Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for letting me know.

Ah, alright, thanks for letting me know.

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The full game will be paid, with the price possibly changing as updates continue to flow in.

No clue why Hakita didn't put the full version here either, but that's their personal choice. In any case, if you want to get the game DRM-free, it will also be released on GOG. 

As for updating the demo, that's also probably up to Hakita. 

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Oh yeah, I noticed the Keyboard option in the configs.ini file while poking around,  but it doesn't really seem to do anything when the value is set to 1. Not quite sure if that's intentional or not, so I was just wondering. (Yes, I did try to use a keyboard after enabling it) 

I don't speak Russian, but I'll answer as best as I can:

1) Yes, it is possible. Within the data folder for the game, there is a file called NuclearThrone.sav, which you can copy or upload to, say, Google Drive. On your new phone, first download and then open the game to generate the .sav file, then get the original file from whatever you uploaded it to and replace the new .sav file with the one from the previous phone.

2) I do believe Toncho has stated they do not plan on making co-op, but I could be wrong. 

Really well done, with a perfect implementation of Dragon. Very powerful, but very satisfying to use.

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Well, the game is open-source, so... yeah. 

A 3D or first-person version of Mindustry would honestly be cool, although I don't think that's on the to-do list for the dev. Since it's open-source though, I'm pretty sure you're free to make your own version. 

Mindustry's Github Repo:

It is unlikely cloud saving through an account will be implemented, as this is merely a mobile port of the original game, and a damn good one at that.

One bug noted in prerelease: 

Switching on 360 Aimbot while in a run will cause all the controls to (at least visually) disappear, along with the rest of the UI, leaving only the crosshair. The problem persists across retrying and going back to menu, but restarting the game (exiting out of the app and going back) seems to remove the problem.

Otherwise, I haven't encountered any other bugs. Although to be fair I haven't played around much with the prerelease yet.

For those who want a Linux build, you can try launching the game through Steam using ProtonDB until then. 

Extremely fun, but out of curiosity, will this remain free after full release or will it be paid (I don't care either way, just wondering)?

I'm not sure what the problem was, but it seems to have fixed itself now. 

Seems that the Itch Client won't recognize the downloads, likely cause it's a .rar file. Great game otherwise. :)

I'm getting some heavy Terra Nova vibes here.

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Anuke has their own reasons. On iOS, the fees to place it on the Appstore is fairly expensive and a long process, so to make up for it, it's paid on iOS (Free on Android though, since Google doesn't slap you when you want to put an app on to Google Playstore). The Steam version, while identical to the version here, has access to all Steam functions, such as Steam Play (removes the need to port forward), the Steam Workshop (for downloading maps and mods), and auto-updates (so you don't have to constantly check back here). It's also just a nice way to support the dev, and it doesn't even cost much.

Technically the game is still being developed, so some translations might not be completely in.

You need a turret that shoots liquid, namely the Wave. You'll need to fill it with either Water or Cryofluid. It will automatically target any fires within its range and try to put it out. 

Thank you. I think it might have something to do with trying to run it on a chromebook. 

Not sure if its just me or I'm really dumb, but every time I load up the game, I just get a black screen with the crosshair when I start playing. Like, the crosshair appears, I can see the shot cooldown, but otherwise the screen is just black. Is this a bug, or is there something I don't know about?

How about a Chrome OS version? XD

(Yes, I know the original version exists as an in-browser game, but I prefer the official release)

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You could try to dual-boot the Chromebook by using Crouton, which if you search it up should pop up multiple guides on how to do so. 

The alternative would be to download Termux through the Google Play Store on the Chromebook and use the pkg install proot command to run Chroot, and theoretically run Mindustry. This is only my theory though, as I haven't tested it.

Neither of these will work if you're currently on a school Chromebook, since those have pretty much everything restricted. 

Or, you know, get it on your phone or some other computer.