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You made an incredible game. I love the cinematic presentation, the gameplay, the graphics, the audio, everything!

Thank you for playing it and for the feedback. Really cool that this taught you how to play Minesweeper :).

By the way your entry is one of the first one I tried this jam and I really liked it :)

hey that's really cool actually :). I see you have an entry as well, I'll play it when I have some time.

Thanks for your feedback! Using the third plane could be an interesting way to increase difficulty as the player progresses, or for it to be an option for randomly generated levels. Definitely taking note of that.

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Thank you for your feedback.

There is so much more I wanted to implement to this entry (pretty much everything you mentioned and more). It's just the reality of being a single dev, already working a full time job, I had to make sacrifices somewhere and I decided to focus on the core gameplay and general atmosphere. I am not looking for excuses, your review is fair and I thank you for playing :)

Awesome, thank you! It's not in the help menu but you can also jump on mines, look around and get to the other side. :) Thank you for playing.

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You deserve much more than 4 reviews. If you make a full release, I will buy it.

 I have an entry as well if you want to check it out.

Amazing atmosphere and UI. I could go on but every comment on there pretty much nails it, so, definitely one of the best entries I've seen. Kudos!

I'd love to play that! I also have an entry if you want to check it out btw!

That is true! I have an entry as well, check it out if you wish.

That is true! I have an entry as well, check it out if you wish.

Don't remember the exact score but I wasn't very good, so not very far :( . I love a challenge tho, and will probably try it again, Check out my entry if you have some time !

It was a really solid entry. I need to check out the pico engine one day. Check out my entry if you wish :)

Yes I did, a few hours after work every weekday and several hours every weekend :). Thanks for you trying it!

Very nice mix of many gameplay styles. The different menus work nicely and the rpg element are well put together. If the combat was slightly more dynamic than moving against enemies, it woud be perfect! Good job :)

Amazing! Perfect length for a gamejam game! Using the abilities was very satisfying, the music was awesome, and as a whole it was just so great. The final battle is a bit too hard I think, but maybe I should have used the white king?

yes I did! check out my entry if you wish :)

The intro is nice, I like the clear instructions. I wish the "real" game would begin sooner because the beginning is kind of a grind. The concept is really cool and you should build on it!

The idea's really cool. I could really see this being a shared-screen multiplayer game. Check out my entry if you have the time :).

Very clever theme interpretation! I love the diablo-style graphics.

Check out my entry if you have time :)

Excellent. Best theme interpretation I've seen so far. Game is a lot of fun, I've played many times.

Hey, nice concept. The super-jump feels awesome. I would have liked the ability to shoot UP :).

The intro's great, love the idea. Had a good Lol out of this :)

First of all good job for making a 3d game run so smoothly on the webGL. Wasn't able to do that with mine :P.

The interpretation is very clever, the game is fun and challenging. I would actually buy a polished, full version of this on steam. The memorization quickly becomes too much for me but I should actually play your game and get better at memorizing!

Check out my entry if you have some time!

Oh wow, thank you. A full version of the game is scheduled to be on steam for April of 2019. I will contact you for the soundtrack!

I'll check it out! Take a look at my entry if you have some time :). Cheers

That's sweet, do you host your music on soundcloud?

Impressive level of polish. It feels very complete and the mechanics are solid. I had a great time playing this.

I wish you could choose harder missions faster though. I feel like buying all the upgrades but the first levels don't have a lot of houses to deliver gifts to and a lot of planes to shoot down.

But it's really solid! Good job!

Check out my game if you have some time :)

Graphics are really nice, the theme interpretation is weird and funny, in a good way. It made me smile. I like how you accompany the player step by step, not many indie games does that.

I agree with midisaurus, it's nice that the game is kind of hardcore but i found it frustrating to go back to the beginning at every misstep. Otherwise it's pretty good. Did you do the music?

Incredibly complex for a Game Jam project. The presentation, immersion, graphics, sounds, UI are all very impressive. The ship controls is a bit of a learning curve but once I got the hang of it it was fine.

Excellent job for a one month jam.

Check out my game if you have some time. Cheers :)

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This is excellent. One of my favorite entry for sure. Pressing space and making them all spawn is so satisfying. The graphics and sounds are simple but they work really well. 

The only thing is that I had to press every key to find out that "N" gets you to the next level. Other than that, it's perfect.

That was fun to play and innovative. I think it would be a great way to teach programming to kids!

I don't think it's working for me :( what are the controls?

Any recommended Seed?

I was impressed by the innovation, creativity and to my surprise when I loaded the game a second time, randomized levels and enemies? Good job.

I challenge you to a dance contest on synthwave music.

Thank you! That is why I made it. :)

Good luck on the development. I also have an entry if you want to check it out :)