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Congrats to the both of you!

What a fun visual gag! Left me gagging~


That's so fantastic to hear - please give them our thanks! It's definitely a game that lends itself to one-shots, but we've found it slots in well as a side story for campaigns in other Fantasy systems.

Ah! I hope this isn't too late!

Apologies for not playing it earlier! The graphics are super clean, and the clinicalness of it pairs well with pairing up people. There's something uncomfortable about being forced to pair up refugees with people that are wholly inappropriate, even though that's 'fine'. It's a really interesting change from how, say,Papers Please deals with the genre!

An old school text adventure is a bold choice! That said, I think they take a degree of thinking the 'same way' as the writer, and I don't think we're quite aligning... Maybe the early decisions of the game can have a bit of in-universe lowballing to guide the player to the logic of the game, which eases off as you progress.