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Ahhh so excited to see someone made this into a game! I adore this world

I had a blast with the first 15! Can't wait to play the rest.

Aw hells yeah!

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Time to take a Piss!
Edit: did a video! 

Awesome work!

I ADORED this one, WOW! Can't wait for the full release.
Streamed it for youtube, it's so real.

I streamed it and loved it! Going to finish it soon 

Though the full screen didn't work (even a 2x res option would help), and I didn't get any voice acting other than laughs/screams/whispers.
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I played it for youtube, it's surprisingly good! Looks stunning, original levels, and plays great!

I did have some issues with weapon swap plus the strange "player two" movement keys when using mouse

I played it! Very cute 

Fascinating, love these deeply personal games.
Showed it off on my youtube 

Fun little tower defense game! Could be a bit faster at the start for sure but enjoyed it otherwise! Did a video here:

I really enjoyed it! (though I feel dumb for not immediately noticing the big reveal). Did a video!

Really enjoyed this! played dreamsim the alpha ages ago and this is even better. Did a video here: 

I did a quick look! It's very uh, 90s anime. In all the ways.

Love the aesthetic! I played it for a video here: 

 Seemed to get a bug where the movie didn't start my first playthrough but got it working second try.

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I played it here, had a blast! 

Had a blast playing this one! (forgot to post when I first played it) 

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Had a blast with this one!

I'm a huge sucker for stuff like this, couldn't help but play it for youtube immediately!

Save often! I messed up with that bit in my attempt, but I enjoyed it for what it was, video here:

Cute dumb way to spend ~30 minutes! I played it here 

Hey there, I took a peek for a Let's Play already! I'm still going through so I'll post my final thoughts once I finish, but here's the first episode! 

Had an absolute blast with the goose on stream! We did get a bug where it brought in several dozen of the same of a file named something like 1_ though, which was actually pretty funny but still a big so thought i'd say

Enjoyed this one! 

Didn't know there were (spoilers?)

multiple endings though

I'm a simple man. I see sokpop. I play

Pretty cool, loved the visual style! Played a bit here: 

Better than I expected actually . Argargargargarg

Really enjoyed this one! Love this sort of odd world. 

I really liked that Bean!

This was really cute, I did a video! As always gacha hates me, but it was fun to poke around with it.

 Took a look and really like the concept of this one! Aesthetics and personality is great, I think a lot of work could be done on the controls though! Huge part of Wario Ware's appeal is the pick up and play, these inputs just had me totally lost.

Late to the party but I played this for my channel! Thanks for the fair mode...I'd have beaten DK64 if it had a fair mode. Thanks for immortalizing a great stream for a great cause

Sidenote, still kinda stunning to see something running so well in WebGL, even if it's going for N64 aesthetic. Excited for the future of web games!

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Awesome, just played it, had a blast!

Loved the game, thanks for making it, and thanks for being supportive of video creators too! 

Looks like Dash doesn't do anything anyway, thanks for the tip!

Didn't get bitten by this until I was replaying for the endings, and now I've ended the game early twice because of this lol. Press cancel at the diary menu and it selects "back to title screen" rather than. Unfortunately easy to bump into when replaying and holding X to skip dialog you've already read.

Other than that loving the game! I'm even making a guide for the endings and secrets.

This was super cool, congrats on the award too! I did a full playthrough on Youtube: