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Awesome, just played it, had a blast!

Loved the game, thanks for making it, and thanks for being supportive of video creators too! 

Looks like Dash doesn't do anything anyway, thanks for the tip!

Didn't get bitten by this until I was replaying for the endings, and now I've ended the game early twice because of this lol. Press cancel at the diary menu and it selects "back to title screen" rather than. Unfortunately easy to bump into when replaying and holding X to skip dialog you've already read.

Other than that loving the game! I'm even making a guide for the endings and secrets.

This was super cool, congrats on the award too! I did a full playthrough on Youtube:

I'd really like to play it and it's been down for nearly a year...could you at least release the latest published version again?

Recorded a playthrough, had a blast! Well, other than the temple, lol. The use of the retro aesthetic was really on point, few games handle that half as well.

Great stuff as always!