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Thank you for the feedback and playing! :D

The player aim movement is pretty much designed for your mouse, and it is not designed for where you are walking. Hence creating this blindspot sometimes when they're trying to shoot, shooting the other way when trying shooting that way. Unless you're talking about a bug?

No problem! Happy to give feedback! :D

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Incredibly high-effort and good gameplay, there were a lot of collision bugs such as the gate that opens with the portal, and you'll have to get onto the platform. I have a question, where on Earth do you get off from that platform? I just jumped randomly and I phased through walls and landed in a random area, that disoriented me but I managed to win nonetheless.

That bright light when the time is close is rather annoying, you should change it to something more like a light that envelops the planet, but its opacity is low and doesn't have that bright bloom on your face.

The main menu is very polished too.

Although, why on Earth do I have to install the game when it can be played just like the other game by being shared into a zip file? If however you're talking about the size of the game, maybe just add an option for the download to have installer and zipped file.

Nonetheless, it's a good game that has a lot of potential when created into a huge standalone game. :D

It's a good game that I enjoy playing, though I am quite bad with strategy games (and I keep dying to heat and thirst because of my thoughtless move). I love the music in the main menu, though, maybe make some sort of warning sign when the enemies are chasing you because I didn't even see the enemies chasing me and died anyway xD

I love the main menu animation though. 

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Incredibly high-effort and amazing. Fast-paced and extremely hard, the player has really have to keep moving in order to avoid all the death they can get. I have found no bugs, so the game is incredibly solid. Love the music too :D

Though, I would love that the mechanical enemy would have an accuracy or range fall-off when shooting, as you can die sometimes even you are moving or being surrounded.

Thank you for playing and the feedback! Well, I had to do something about my poor art skills and trade it off with programmer skills while soloing, nonetheless, I will keep trying to improve graphics alongside programming. :D

You can already shoot with mouse-click button, it is cited in the instruction and the how-to-play on the page.

Maybe, could you release the background music? No problem, happy to give feedback! :D

It's pretty much a shame that it's a huge file download (my mobile data already cried looking at the size), and this would turn a lot of players looking to play games and give review. Honestly, in the future, please restrain yourself from needlessly increasing the game file. This thing looks like that it would've ran at 1GB or below anyway, with some compressed textures and all that.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! It could have, yes. In the first place, I had planned for the first stage to have seven passive creature to make the world feel more 'alive' and the paths would be branching enough to make the game hard, but I run out of time before I could even add them all on. I'm still a beginner on making enemy intelligence and movement system, and it took me days to make the first three enemy xD

Well, it is inspired by the bullet hell game I've played on my PS2 and now on PC which is Touhou.

I would continue making the game if I got the time, yes. :D

I cannot seem to reproduce the bug (were you mistaken about the fact that the downside of can't shoot while moving during the second stage too?), but nonetheless, sorry about my failure to reproduce the bug (I'm still a beginner after all..) :(

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! :D

I'm glad that somebody finds my game fun, since I was quite worried in that aspect. :)

I did plan to have a hit animation on the enemies, but I don't think I had the time to do that.

I think some find it easy and hard, it depends on your ability to dodge between the bullets. For me, I think it's very easy. Thank you for the feedback though, I put a lot of time in the death scenes :D

No problem! Happy to give feedback! :D

Got it, I'll check that one out.. after I sleep properly xD

Well, as long as you learned from the experience of making Genesis Tree, I think it's all good! :D

Expand on the idea, for sure, but make sure to make it unique and avoid making it repetitive and low-quality with each idea. :P

It's okay, as long as you are learning the process of making a game! Yeah, don't pay attention too much to my nitpick, just see it as a small minor worry. Nonetheless, happy to give feedback! :D

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The transition between stage? The huge crystal at the end of the stage that you're supposed to go to? It's a bit confusing when I encountered over it and I couldn't figure out how to get to the next stage. (I think I had to click something or I was not going to the right place?)

No problem! Happy to give feedback!

Yeah, I had fun making the death scenes (while some of them is a bit hard to code), i think it's a bit worth it to make all that scene :D

Thank you for playing and the feedback! :)

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That is strange. You are supposed to restart the game once you run out of battery/ammo, why? You need to carefully place your shot while dodging your enemy bullets. Nonetheless, thank you for the feedback and playing the game! :D

Or do you mean that you're stuck because you couldn't enter the boss battle? You need to kill all the creature to go to the next stage!

I could make the fragile tiles more visible and obvious.

Is the bug on the second stage or the first stage? Is it on the boss battle?

Thank you for playing and the feedback. My decision of how the player can't shoot while moving is pretty much intentional as it adds to the fact it is a bit fast-paced. You just have to time it very carefully :D

Very solid and didn't find any bugs ingame. However, maybe increase the frequency of escape hole as one hole in one stage seemed a bit too unforgiving for the player. The music however does not fit with the theme at all, and makes it prone for players to mute it instantly at the start of the game.

A nice solid game nonetheless.

Very solid and didn't find any bugs ingame. However, maybe increase the frequency of escape hole as one hole in one stage seemed a bit too unforgiving for the player. The music however does not fit with the theme at all, and makes it prone for players to mute it instantly at the start of the game.

A nice solid game nonetheless.

Graphics are pretty solid, but perhaps in your level design, avoid placing the enemy VERY nearby the door as this would count (for me) as a bull-headed move from the designer. The difficulty is similar to every other platformer in the world, so you got nothing to worry about for that one.

Though,  you should try to make the spikes pop up more with a shine animation on them or something.

Just a nitpick here, in the credits, the labels are not centered! >.<

It's pretty good but it lacks one visual communication to the player. The pickable rocks doesn't shine or at least pop out more than the others, as this will help the player on finding them. The turret bullets go through wall. 

Starting the game wastes a bullet (clicking start meaning the game thinks that you're shooting even when you're not in the game yet), fixed this in my own game by checking whether the main menu is instanced then you can shoot, though the ammo counter is pretty misleading since I thought that ammunition is apparently limited in the game and you have to pick up replenishables. Add that in the instruction menu or something? 

Audio is pretty good. Graphics is good-looking, and alien enough.

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It's a nice game, but maybe make the rope a bit more obvious because I couldn't clearly see them (I first thought that they were decoration), player movement is rather janky (sudden stop and non-sudden stop always make me fall off the edge easily).

Though it feels like the theme did not fit the Jam properly, which the theme is A Different Planet..

Nonetheless, graphics are pretty good and high-effort.

It's a story-driven game made in RPG Maker, but surprisingly high-effort enough to make you play a bit longer. It's difficult and fast-paced for the combat system (Not gonna lie, it has one hell of a learning curve and I died trying to do the battle.)

It has a nice art with color palletes that literally soothes your eye (for me, that is. Since I like the color blue.)

In short, it's good!

I love the retro-art, however, there is one complain with the control and it is always a mistake in the platformer game that developer always seems to ignore. You cannot see the platform underneath when you're jumping and this sometimes makes it difficult.

Other than that? Probably the enemies collision shapes, as it sometimes looks that the player didn't even touch the enemy and they died. It's a nice game nonetheless!

A cool tense and tight-paced game, sometimes frustating as you can die and go back to the very beginning of the game. A cool background music too!

Another cool endless game. However, it is rather infuriating that it takes about 100mb to download for a simple game like this. Perhaps you could do some optimization or compression as larger files would turn people away.

A relaxing and cool interactive novel, though most of the interaction was pretty confusing and disjointed. It has a few unoptimized area in the beginning area, and textbox is a fixed timer before it goes out.

But it's rather short, don't you think?

Pretty good endless game. While one of the mechanics was pretty confusing, it was pretty fun and playable. It is pretty high-effort and pretty lightweight.

It's a pretty cool game with stealth and PS2-like graphic mixed into the game. Of course, there are something that sometimes infuriates the player such as how inobvious it was for the transition and all. 

It's definitely inspired by Touhou, but nonetheless combining Top-down shooter and Bullet hell is definitely what I am proud of. It's also combining 3d and 2d art together (such as death scene being spatially 3d) and such. It's my second game that I am proud to make and definitely learned a lot from the experience of this game jam. It's where you have to exterminate all creature in the game and you have two endings, extermination, or research.