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Lmao I'm too young to have a part time job. And I've already got my future planned so how bout you keep yourself to your parent's basement, and leave teens on their own. Ok? Ok.

p.s. If you make more money than me in 10 years, then why are you complaining about $2? I make more than that in a month. lego-master is right.

Possibly some new maps or endless mode.

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Porting it to mobile is pretty difficult. And the controls would be too clunky for this.

It was made using the Unity engine. If you're looking forward to be making games yourself Unity is a great place to start. It uses C# (I think Java too idr), works both 3D and 2D, and the asset store will be your best friend when starting out

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Lmao "kid?" You don't even have proper grammar (or spelling), "kid."

After selecting 2-4 player splitscreen the keyboard and controller both control player 1... is there a fix?

The reason why it says that the application could be a threat is because he hasn't paid the developer fee. After purchasing the engine, either on steam or their website, there is a optional developer fee that you could pay. I guess it's there so they can make a little extra money but it doesn't make sense why they have it in the first place. The engine is expensive enough. But there is why.