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Sir Xuganaught

A member registered May 30, 2016

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This was an amazing game, But I think i mis interpreted what happened? Im still unsure after looking at other peoples comments, but such a great experiance

This game was an amazing short experiance, and I hope in the future it is turned into a fully fledged game!

Hey! I made a video of your game and let me say, it gave me AALLL the spooks and goofs, keep up the great work

Awesome!! and it didnt dont worry, it was still a great game! cant wait for another!!

Here is my video on it, really, again, nice job, its a really great experiance!

Hey I played your game, and thought it was AWESOME! I love the low poly art style. I played it as well, and thought the game was SO CUTE! haha even though it wasnt supposed to be a full game, I loved it none the less, you should make a fun game of it, it would be hilariously fun! Also I LOVE The lowpolyart style, thats what brought my attention to this game

just played it, this was an amazing experiance, video up soon

Btw that whole comment is a link too the video here it is again.

Even though the game made me have uncontrollable rage. It was fun to try and beat the impossible haha, thanks for a great game!