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Yes, they are clipping problems.

This demo was great! I have compiled a list of thoughts about the game.

  • The artstyle is a bit unremarkable. It's not great, I like it more than I dislike it, definitely. I wish you used more colours to have some variety. I don't know if it gets more varied after the levels in the demo though.
  • Music is great! I enjoyed listening to it while playing.
  • The game is heavily skewed in the players favour. After completing the second level I had every single upgrade.
  • I like the risk vs. reward thing you're doing with the checkpoints (like Shovel Knight!), however the reward easily outweighs the risk at this point. I didn't even get close to dying once throughout the entire demo. I quickly realised I could destroy every checkpoint and reap the rewards without really giving it much thought at all, even more so once I had all the upgrades.
  • This is likely planned in the future (I hope), but you should probably expand the options menu a bit. Things like volume options would be great.

This is barely anything, but keep working on it. This could go in any direction, so I'm curious to see where you take it.

Also the mouse sensitivity is way too low.

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Thanks for playing the demo!

The gun hasn't been fully implemented yet, so you can activate the shooting animation but nothing happens. Regarding lines on the character, I don't quite understand what you mean. Are you referring to the dithering effect?

Camera angles are still being adjusted and the area in the demo are not final so I haven't put that much work into perfecting them.

I didn't know about the ambient noise not looping correctly, thanks for letting me know!

I'm happy that you like the unrestricted level, however I was planning on having it be more restricted.

Also about the text prompt, I've now changed it so that you have to press a button for it to go away and it pauses the game. Thanks for pointing this out, I feel like it's much better now.

Thanks for all the feedback!

5. and 6. The problem with having settings like that is that they have a substantial effect on gameplay. That means, that there's an optimal setting for this game, and that any other setting is now useless to people who want to play the best they can. If you can adjust darkness levels in a game that's partly difficult because of the limited visibility of darkness, why wouldn't you just set it to be as bright as possible? Similar problem with audio. If there's music that can make hearing the enemies harder, every player who wants to play the best will just turn off the music, but there's people out there who would feel like that's "wrong", and not the intended way to play the game. You would then have people playing in a sub-optimal way, and potentially not enjoying the game to its fullest, just because they have the option to.

10. Having huge big chunky bullets that are clearly visible on the screen is generally very satisfying, have a look at any game by vlambeer to know what I'm talking about.

This game is quite similar to Devil Daggers, if you've ever heard of it. If not then I suggest you check it out when you get the chance, it's available on Steam and GOG. Another thing I think you should look at is the video Matthewmatosis did on Devil Daggers, that I have linked in this post. I think you could learn a lot from this amazing review (and the entire channel in general) and Devil Daggers.

That's a shader trying to emulate the style of old PS1 games. The wobbling you see are vertices being snapped to whole integer values. Thanks.

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I was about to write a big review about this game, and about how confused i was that you have gifs and images showing substantial gameplay with enemies and challenge.

However, before that I thought it might be smart to read the description to see if there's something I had missed. Upon doing that I have decided to not review this game until the screenshots at least match up with what the game currently is like. I think it's pretty dishonest of you to have screenshots showing a lot of content that just isn't in the current version of the game.

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I haven't bothered writing a full review of this game, so I'm just gonna post all the notes I took while playing. Ask me to elaborate if you're confused about a point or something.

First Impression

    1. Shooting noise sounds a bit like farting.
    2. "Ding!" text is a nice touch.
    3. Couldn't initially figure out how to buy ammo from the buy menu.


    1. Bow & arrow is more expensive than a shotgun and an assault rifle.
    2. Main menu looks very amateur, with several aesthetic styles being thrown around.
    3. Music is nice sounding and simplistic. Has forward momentum that suits the style of the gameplay.
    4. Enemies lack audio.
    5. Enemies are hard to see in the dark. Likely intentional, however this needs to be compensated for by audio cues. (If so, please use directional audio, and reserver the higher parts of the spectrum to the more dangerous enemies.)
    6. Music could potentially make enemy audio harder to discern however.
    7. Like the idea of a dark level and not being able to see your enemies at all times, mimics a first person view.
    8. Flashlight helps out a lot in regards to seeing where you're aiming at any moment.
    9. Flashlight is far too short.
    10. Bullets themselves are a too small and hard to see. (Generally unsatisfying gunplay)
    11. Waves are generally unnecessary considering you can pause in the middle of gameplay, and resume at any moment without penalty.
    12. That said, the time between waves are an opportune time to set up claymores and gun turrets.
    13. It's not very clear if you're taking damage, could be signaled better.
    14. Game is basically a big positive feedback loop, making the game easier as it progresses, or at the very least not getting harder.
    15. You start out with a liberal amount of health and lives, game is too easy over all.
    16. Shooting sound is far too loud, and drowns out almost any other audio.
    17. No difference between turret shooting noise and your own, becomes confusing at times. (At least when using the assault rifle)
    18. Enemies can hurt you from off-screen.
    19. Night Vision drops far too often, and last for way too long, causing the entire premise of the flashlight and night-theme to be for naught.
    20. Only takes a few waves for money to become meaningless and abundant.
    21. Enemy variety is alright, though it's not clear what certain enemies will do. Luckily only a problem once.
    22. Strategy of buying turrets and sticking to the assault rifle seems to be far too reliable.
    23. Made it to wave 38 on the second try, around the time it also started to get quite boring.
    24. The game is easy, and only gets easier the longer you play due to how much money you eventually earn.

    I've disabled the resolution dialogue because I hate it, but you bring up a good argument to keep it until I get an in-game resolution options.

    Camera angles are definitely something I'm experimenting with at this point, thanks for your feedback, I will reflect in upcoming versions. Atmosphere is something I consider very important to this type of game so I'm putting a lot of focus on it, even this early in the game's development.

    The demo does end when you unlock the door yes.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Regarding the animation, I'm still very new to 3D as a whole, so the animations will get better over time as I redo them. The ones you see in this demo are my third attempt (also my third character model actually.)

    I'm pretty happy with the cameras as they are now. Right not the cameras are only capable of three things; being placed anywhere, variable FOV, and it can follow the player. I would like to add a system that allows the camera to follow a track as the player continues down a hallway for example, but we'll see how it turn out.

    I've never played that Alone in the Dark, should I check it out, or should I skip it in favour of the PS1 sequel?

    Once I understood that I just had to look for the next light, it became a very straight forward exercise. The 'invisible' path was brilliant! I really like the screen effect you used here. It feels like the invisible road appeared at the exact moment that following lights scattered about became stale, which is a testament to good pacing. Following down the path wasn't hard at all, but it became a little boring by the time I'd reached the bottom, as I got used to the effect. I don't think just shortening it would do it any good though. Perhaps making it more of a challenge to descend the path could solve that issue.

    After the "mini game" ball jumping thing, I got stuck by turning around and entering some menu which I couldn't exit. I really enjoyed it up until then though. I'll probably come back to this at some point to finish it. The atmosphere and feel you set up is really interesting, and the aesthetic isn't something new, but you take it far enough for it to feel fresh and interesting. I was pleasantly surprised by this project and hope to see you complete it.

    P.S This isn't a prototype. It's an alpha, a prototype is a test to see if the core concept works or not. very often with simplistic graphics. With heavy focus on the mechanics. This looks more like it's in the alpha phase, AKA feature-incomplete and buggy.

    I feel like you should embrace taking damage. One thing I really loved in the new DOOM is that managing your health is part of the combat. It disincentivised going behind cover. I think having some health management, would be really great with this game, and would also allow you to put in instant damage enemies without the player feeling like it's unfair. If you still don't feel like that's enough though, you can do like Bioshock did and make the first shot from enemies always miss.

    I really like this, it has tons of great potential. Dodging bullets is really fun and enjoyable, likely because of the slow moving projectiles that everyone fires. The flying guys in particular I really like. They felt like a really interesting challenge that was genuinely fun to beat. The placement of enemies was pretty good as well, some of the encounters, like the flying enemy on the last part by the elevator, and various parts where you hide enemies where the player isn't looking were pretty cool. There's only two weapon pickups, and five different weapon combinations, this part of the game feels like it has the most potential, so I hope you think long and hard about each new weapon you add in as this project progresses.

    There are only two enemies in this short demo, and the main difference between the two is that one can fly, and the other can't. Other than that, both of them fire slow-moving projectiles at you, I feel like if one thing besides the weapons are going to make this game shine, it's gonna be the enemies. I suggest you have at least one or two enemies that deal little damage, but perhaps use hitscan weapons, this forces the player to think about the combat situation they are currently in a lot more, since they now have to figure out which enemies are more dangerous than others, and which ones they should kill first. Also, having enemies that might initially be on the ground, but maybe start flying and swapping tactic to really try and get behind you when they're on low health would also be very interesting to see.

    Nice progress, good luck with the game going forward.

    It broke on upload. But it works anyway to be honest.

    It's up for interpretation.