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Love this game, but in a word game like this dictionary is everything— and this dictionary really needs some weeding. Aside from a bunch of acronyms that shouldn't be included, I just put down a word short for raccoon and got the offensive definition "a black person." Also, yeah, sometimes the game just decides that you've lost when you haven't before you even see the next block. Again, I love the game— I just wish the dictionary was better.

Just played it again just for fun and got 183 not that much better lol :) thanks for putting restart in the controls description!

Ah, nice! It might be good to put that in the browser controls description :) Also I finished the game, 10/10 I like it a lot and it took me 185 pushes

Is there a way to restart levels without restarting the whole game? Really good game by the way I like it (just haven't finished yet because restarting is taking a long time lol)  

I played all the difficulties (my favorite was hard but they were all v good) and was able to get all 3 endings with no outside knowledge

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haha thanks! i'm no speedrunner but for some reason this game made me want to try :) new personal best 28:57

I liked this game! Also I got all the items... my favorite was the fanfiction :D

just finished for the third time, current speedrun time 37:43

this game has a fun flavor, but gets very monotonous very fast. found both endings, never figured out what diamonds did 1/5

9/10 I liked this a lot! A charming, nice puzzler... though 90% of my playtime was just being stuck on Disk Mayhem. I think even just making the required score lower would help :)

I liked it a lot! 8.5/10 the art was utterly charming, and the animation and different enemy/player classes were cool, but a little buggy in a couple different ways. I also love rollerpig's jump. :D (Though other comments are right that RP is a little OP)

i liked it, got all the way to +++the end+++ 9/10

I loved this so much! The visuals were the best part of a perfect game, and this lovable puzzler was gentle and forgiving enough to let even me, who is terrible at puzzles, get a fun challenge! 11/10 I still love ratbugs and wizards

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I loved the concept, the art and music were super cool, but the early rounds can get a bit repetitive when the only thing you can do is +1 vibe, -1 attack. Also, small glitch, Dummer ability took 2 nerd vibes if I had them instead of 1. 8/10

i like it! 10/10 aesthetic v good

I liked it! Very simple yet charming, art and music both on point. A little challenging for me but I don't consider that a point against it at all, just noting that I am very bad at games >u< It was a little bit easy to accidentally break down walls, and (maybe intentional) some levels included keys that were completely inaccessible, blocked off by bricks 10/10

I liked this a lot, it was fun and challenging but simple on the surface, and then I finally figured out the grid mechanic and was able to pretty much punch through the game with no effort. Still fun tho! I don't know if this is intended, but I wanted to note that in the safe server corridors, you can enter a room and then bomb your way out to get the bonuses from all the rooms. Also, due to the fact that enemies freeze at a certain distance, zoom is a little OP. I am very bad at roguelikes usually but I liked these. The aesthetic was fun. I've unlocked all of the loadouts except the right middle, which remains a mystery, and don't know how I unlocked the right top. I also have no idea what some of the grid numbers are. Cool concept! 9/10