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Finished the game

Here is mine:

It was very fun, loved the neon art style

Here is mine:

Here is mine:

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A shoot em up

I need feedback

Here is mine:

Here is mine:

Here is my game:

A shoot em up

Thanks! :)

Got 135 as my highscore. What did you use to make this?

okay sound goods.

Here you go then:

Here is mine:

My highscore is 140

You can play mine here:

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My highscore is 149

If you want you can play my game here:

It is made in libgdx. You also need java to play it.

Here is mine:

Hello this is Shahroz. I sent you an email saying that I wanted to join the programmer role.

TV Game Jam community · Created a new topic Question

Can the game be based of an anime?

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Thank you, that means a lot!

No, its fixed :)

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Did you use random.range for instantiating? It happened again when I played it the second time.

The game feels very solid with shooting the enemies feeling satisfying with the screen shake and the blood splatter. The only problem I had was that the enemies were spawning at one place which lead me to finishing the game very easily. 

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This game is actually pretty solid! The mechanics of the game was all summed up well where you would have to think a little bit more on how to proceed. The level design could have been improved on as it is hard to tell where I am supposed to go. Maybe try making the grounds connected and a zoomed out camera to give a better path for the player on your next game. 

Took a little while to get the hang of it but it was fun overall and challenging.

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Overall the concept was good but should have included more mechanics, for example a specific block you may want to get and put on that fire or when you have a longer session it will give you better tools for the job.

Thanks for the advice and I am glad you enjoyed it!

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Do I have to fill out taxes for donations from

I'm  just curious to know if the games will be ranked.

Yeah, I was at the title screen and I don't know how to start the game

Btw I really love your pixelart skills :D

Very fun game!

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Simple mechanics that feel great!

Nice rage game XD

Had trouble starting the game

Thx :D

Wow this game feels solid!