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money for getting kills with the gun

Me reading this while playing the game: So this was a fucking lie...

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This is a very fun game to play, it has this doom style movement and strategy that I really enjoy, where you have to dodge by moving to the sides and stepping back quickly while keeping up the rythym. I hope the full version has an arena mode just to spend time while listening to a podcast or doing something.

I think the main issue is the audio. I had downloaded the game on windows, and I can barely hear it without increasing the volume on my headphones.

sorry for the late reply, I don't remember clearly but there are two things I had done

1. I had tried to defeat enemies by only using lust magic (I got the scene)

2. I tried to use offensive magic to weaken the enemy, and then use lust magic (I got the scene)

I don't remember if I got sent back to the world map in both ocassions, or which ocassion was attempted with the ogre. I would assume that I didn't get sent back to the world map in both ocassions. This was done on the android version. I will try again soon

It took me a few hours to unlock it, like an hour or two I dunno (I did beat the game but I lost that save)

I didn't go back to the map when I defeated an ogre with lust magic, he was just defeated and I was able to keep going through the level

it worked


I feel like such a dumb idiot

I haven't unlocked lust magic yet

Will I go back to the map if I defeat an enemy using lust magic?

(Also, any tips to speedrun getting slut magic?)

What's the fox doing in the labyrinth? did I miss something?

oh alright

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I understand [Edit: Actually, I didn't, just barely, but a day later and now I do, lel, I guess I was distracted. Shame people find this game difficulty, I mean, it is a bit difficult in the first sections at least though)

Did you take note of the issue of the settings not being saved? Watched scenes and h scene lenght?

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The last version takes up 1.5 GB on my phone.

I am talking about ram though(memory). The apk is still a nice temporary solution, you gotta do with what you got. Don't worry about it, it's probably better to deal with it once the game is fully finished if you don't have the time or skill to do it now.

Spelling mistakes do happen, esl, send any errors you'll find

Alright, I'll take screenshots and all.

The save files from the default config affected your settings. Sorry for the trouble.

It's all good. I am still having this issue though after downloading the game again and running it, 1.3.0, this was happening on 1.2.5. I don't think this is related to the "Unlocked Gallery" incident (since that only happened on 1.3.0 prior to your recent update, it didn't happen on 1.2.5)

I'll see about tidying it up once I'll get the time.

Sounds great

You won't miss anything if you decide to reduce your lewd level

Glad to hear that, thank you

The difficulty is a tricky feature.

A way to choose the difficulty may help in the future then. I am not really asking for dark souls levels of difficulty (that would be nice though), I just find it bad that you can become unstoppable in this game, it's impossible for me to lose with infinite mp and "three bars of health" (I can use the healing skill and get that health back in an instant, at this point I can only die by being careless). MP Regen is the main issue here

Difficulty is not easy to figure out in games, it's like hitting a bullseye, I would say, spend some time during development trying to figure it out. Just play with it a little. Play in one of the areas (preferably the later ones) give yourself some items, and then try to clear it. Do it until you think the difficulty is right, and then having some people try it may help too (maybe a patreon tier?) that way you get feedback until you have everything just right. I also suggest having them give feedback individually instead of as a group, that way their opinions are not influenced, and those that think it's too hard/too easy won't feel afraid to say it.

I am afraid this may be inconsistent depending on what path you choose (Flexible, magician, average, warrior), if this is inconsistent then a system that increases difficulty in enemies may help (but cap it and only increase it slightly, so people can grind a little bit if they think the game is too hard)

(again, sorry for the long comment)

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Update to comment [Urgent]

  • The entire gallery is unlocked on 1.3.0. This doesn't happen on the android version, only Windows. It fixes itself if I delete "file1.rpgsave". May want to fix this? I think this is supossed to be a patreon reward but you gave it for free by accident


Love this game, it's a great game, I had only found a few issues and I want to share them since you were asking for feedback on the Patreon post. This is only for 1.2.

  • The apk took 4 or more GB of ram total. Somehow my phone didn't overheat. I ended up going for the pc version and then using steamlink. It also drained my battery a lot more quickly than other apps, but I have inaccurate stats for this. Phone is H918(LG V20), I'll let you know if this happens to me on my SM-A908B(Galaxy A90) on the new version (1.3.0)
  • The game is too easy, you can get really op as you play (I am not grinding). Haven't used potions, my mana gets full after I use any spell (infinite). The only way I lose is if they seal my skills. You are probably only going to need a potion on the first or second place that has enemies (also, the battle against desert woman).
    • I guess keeping the game easy could help players get whatever they want, but I like difficulty in games, I like losing and getting the sex scenes because I failed (Instead of because I made myself lose, making myself lose feels lame to me and it removes the immersion). Maybe a way to change difficulty, give more health to enemies and make stats not op (infinite mana??? what) would help. I did go full on magic enchantments, but come on, there's no way I won't enchant a weapon to something other than magic (maybe a charm, the crystal thing, but that came before the weapon). Currently I am just going to start over and lock myself from using some things that kept me alive, even by doing this I am afraid the game could become too easy as I progress
  • Some minor spelling mistakes, I wish I took screenshots, I am going to on my next run
  • Some settings reset after you restart the game, you probably know this. I believe the watch h scenes you had already seen setting, and also the watch the long h scenes setting. These get reset in 1.2.5, on both pc and android versions
  • Special controls doc can be shortened by a lot 
    • It talks about way older versions at times, maybe it's ok to talk about old versions for people coming back to it, but probably not once they are too old. 
    • Personally I think removing most of it, including the talk about previous versions, may be better. Just jump into telling people about the features and controls that they may not know about, straight to the point. 
    • I still like the doc, just that, it may be good to shorten it so more people are willing to read it

I feel like there's more, I spent some time trying to remember but I couldn't. Also, don't take this too harshly, the game is great, I tell my friends about it but they are not really interested in porn games (They always assume that everything I give them is a virus, or that it's the classic cheap porn game. Come on I only play the good stuff) I am not going to demand things for free, if you don't want to take some of my feedback then don't, it doesn't bother me. These are just things that would make the game more fun and enjoyable for me. Hope this helps and I may bring a lot more feedback next time.

Also, is there anything you will be missing out on if your slut level is higher than 5 or by making some of the choices that are prompted in some events?

This happens when you try to open something outside of game (such as pressing the windows key or having another program open on top while you are playing a game. Maybe turning a second screen too). 

When this happens, you just press ctrl+alt+delete and then click cancel, it's a failsafe for eduke to exit in case a game gets your computer stuck. The other way to exit the game is to just hit enter and press exit, if you are not stuck.

Additionally, if anyone had the same problem as me, where your screen was higher than the resolution you set or higher than your pc, just set a lower resolution. It's different for each pc and the best resolution it's usually the largest, unless you want the 4:3 black bars on each side style



Really good job on the music, it's pretty immersive and really well made

Feels a lot like if it came from a movie, I would love to see you work on a movie filled with mystery or with some stuff similar to the game

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I made a pretty extensive review on this but I pressed a button on my mouse and now it's gone.... damn... here's a video. I also took a whole lot of notes while playing this, I am not sure if I should share them, they might be spoiler and will the creator like this? (They are pretty disorganized)

Watch [Test] The bitter end [I am not looking the chat] from Simoneando on (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Fucking don't know what to say now, I really love the graphics on the game, that is exactly why I decided to try it, graphics, colors, and horror theme. the game is really interesting, I love the story and how you have to figure it out on your own (even though it ends up being annoying after a while) but there are a few bugs that kind of ruin the game (I don't know if I sound grumpy or something on the video, but if I am, it's not the game's fault, at that point maybe I was already too bored, spent hours just testing obs and reading and wanted to play something like TF2 or Fortnite. I don't think I did, this is a really good game despite it's mistakes, just not something you should spend like 3 hours on)
The longest I had survived is 10 minutes I guess, I usually survive for or a minute more or less (Depends on just how I do)

-I never get to read why I died, this I guess is my fault, I just accidently always skip it. Can you make it instead of making it "Any button" make it "press Y"? a button you don't press usually while playing the game. I  see that other people don't have a problem with this but I do, some found that there being a lot of ways to die was nice but I didn't even get to see how many ways there are, I only know what killed me (disease, acid, water, or stabbed)
-Notes may go through walls... I guess...
-NPC's go through walls
-You can pick notes without looking at them, it's annoying
-You can still panic at spawn
-Panic does not go away after death
-Assuming exploration mode is "easy mode", when you die, the disease comes back and the game becomes hard again
-I am not sure if this is just another area, I think it is, but there's a place where I think the glass factories are supposed to be, they are gone, there's no glass being thrown at ya and you can just go through them and explore. Maybe this is a feature of exploration or this is a bug (Commented on it on 6:10)
-Notes with multiple pages can get stuck somehow, don't know how, maybe if you read them but then also take another note while reading them
-Sound effects and music may appear when they shouldn't? sometimes? I don't know
-This might not be a bug but npc's are so annoying.... they get in your way, they move in a pretty bad manner, and I wish you could interact with them
-I just noticed I don't get acid rain, could it be because of my computer? the balls also move slower for me I guess or maybe they are meant to be like that.... I am watching EyeDisconnected Games play


-Fishmonger=Fish seller (REMEMBER THIS)
-Exploration mode=easy mode. You can still sleep, panic, and killers could be around, but it's harder to panic I guess and I don't know about killers (I never have a problem with them because of next tip)
-BE CARELESS, don't give an f about anything, this is just a game, don't get immersed by it, just go singing around reading notes about people dying and diseases taking over and poverty. This is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP since not being careless will end up making you get distracted a lot
-Read notes, actually read them.... it's annoying to read them but if you die, you'll still have the note, so well, just read, take your time, and die if your character feels like dying
-Take notes, write them on your phone or on a sheet of paper
-You spawn as someone in that world, everytime you die you respawn as someone else. That on the bottom is your name, not where you are.
-You are in England, and hats are popular for some reason.... I forgot why, there was a reason
-Yes, the notes with multiple pages are REALLY important, they basically tell you the full story of one person.
-I don't think you can win in this game, your goal is to learn about that world (Based on another comment and also that I just can't see anything that tells you "You can win")
-Getting drunk could get you somewhere else (I am not sure if that's getting drunk)
-Some drinks are poisoned.... You can know this if you either read some notes or if you click the question mark on the title screen
-Try to learn the map of the world, it could really benefit you and save you a lot of time (I know some places are confusing because they look the same)
-There are no secrets behind the doors that require a password I think, It's just a place filled with killers that also works as a shortcut
-You can guess what's the color of the hitching hills
-You are in England. And these hats are popular for a reason (Don't ask me, I don't remember and maybe I forgot to put it on my notes)
-It's important you take track or try to figure out who writes each note.... I know it's hard, at least find one of them, it's the easiest one. Taking track of relatives and other information is really helpful
-When you panic, there's a sentence saying "I know him" or something along the lines, "I recognize him" maybe, HMMMMMMMMmmmmmm
-I found out you can get on one of the buildings.... I don't know if it helps or if you can do it on more buildings, but there's definitely one that you can get on top off

Things I can't figure out
-White square on the bottom right, what does it mean? appears sometimes for some reason
-Why do I need the gas mask? (no, you still need to move while wearing the gas mask)
-WHERE ARE THE HECKIN CODES! I can't find any codes for the doors or the vaults. I did read a lot of notes, most of them probably and either the ones I need have a smaller rate to appear or I did actually get most of them. Maybe the notes don't tell you the answer directly and there's some puzzle into this

How to make the game better
-Fix bugs
-Maybe add more features
-Be more rewarding, doesn't have to be really rewarding, just more rewarding, give something that makes the player say "it was worth it" for finding something, just that though
-Flashlight! :D..... no? ok, it was worth trying pwp (Why does no one add a flashlight to their games! they are making me try to get in the habit of always having a flashlight around IRL)
-Get more exposure? This game deserves more exposure, but no idea how..... no, I am not trying to get someone to make a walkthrough, I promise. Though this is one of those game that certain theorist should do a video about yet they don't since they just don't want to try new things (And certain theorists just want to stick with mainstream stuff to get views.... I dunno how can't they at least expect people to doubt their reasons)

I don't know what else to say, but I bet there's still things left to say, like just feedback or some more bugs

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This is a really nice game, it's just too hard and annoying, I made a gameplay but it didn't end up well because my computer isn't nice so welp, not all my thoughts are here. I found it annoying how hard it is to read the notes, where do you respawn and how hard it is to figure out what to do

I only found doors where you are supposed to input a code, and that's it