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Can i use this in a game for which i'll charge money? I would give credit but just askin to be save

I made a video on your game:

Let it be said, that i didn,t have much time for it, so the quality had to suffer a little.

The game itself is great though - one of the best on this platform!

My last comment got deleted, I can only assume that it was because of me not actually commenting on the game, so here I go:

The graphics are pretty good, at least once you turn off motion blur. Gameplay is relatively smooth, though i did struggle with sneaking at first. 

The game does a good job of teaching you how puzzles work and I never got too frustrated with any parts that I played through. 

all in all it has potential my guy!

made this

I did not enjoy this

Really enjoyed this

Made me laugh all the way along... 

Not the best game I ever played, but certainly in the top 10

I will say this, as a native austrian, I had some trouble with the first few minutes of the game, but it was nevertheless very fun. Just be warned, the vocabulary used is quite challenging.

the controlls are cancer

the music sucks

the characters look awfull and the options menu sucks dick

merry christmass

you did something

good job

i think it's okay but it doesn't seem to make any difference wheater i got the lights on or off

it seems like a pretty cheap roblox game at the state that it is on rn