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Is there a way to back this game now that Kickstarter ended? Somehow i missed this GEM and I'm kicking myself!

Interested writer!

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Played your game at BostonFIG 2019! I was the guy that completed the demo, (from which had a different feel than what is presented here. Loved my experience and definitely can't wait to see what comes of this project. I knew this was something special and I'm glad you won the Compelling Game Mechanics award! Brag about it! It really is a unique experience, and one I can see on a path to greatness.

Great work, and hope we can chat more sometime about Dragoon Drop!


I have experience creating multiple characters and worlds for my own stories and tabletop games, which I think might transfer perfectly to fit this role. I am currently an editor, collaborating with multiple parties providing and receiving criticism and working together toward a goal (much the same as this role).  I also have a bachelor's degree in English (specifically in creative writing), so I have training and practical experience. 

Feel free to email me ( and I can send some different story, character, and other writing samples!
I look forward to hearing from you and potentially working with you!



Hello! I've been on this site for a while, mostly downloading and admiring projects. I am always interested in the development side of games,  though I don't have any formal experience (poked around a bit in a few programs, that's really the extent).
I do however have a degree in creative writing and have been doing so for the last 5 years.  I have been editing, proofing, writing review articles for a side-project website (check out my The Great Perhaps review!), but most of all, creating multitudes of worlds and ideas I think could be translated nicely into games.

I say all this because I am looking to help development teams where they need it. Need some proofing done on your text-heavy game? I've edited thousands of pages in my years and look forward to helping you shine. Do you want a story and/or characters created for your world? I've got you covered there too, with my own slew of ideas ready to be unleashed. 

I look forward to the possibility of working with you! (Messaging here is fine, also welcome to email correspondence:

Great news, and not a problem. Email received!

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I also want to say that I have a day job, so this would be a nights and weekends thing (sorry to not have mentioned that sooner). I don't think that will be a problem, but feel free to keep looking if you want someone with a bit more time on their hands.


Hello! I have an English degree and 5 years editing/proofing experience. I am also an avid gamer looking to merge my love of games and my writing background (and get some experience doing game-related editing to someday make a career somehow). 

Hope I can be of some help!