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one of my favorite games of all time. I smile like an idiot the whole time because I love everything about it and Peri and Pastille are so so great. I am writing this at 1am bc I had a sudden urge to play it again and I'm pretty sure I never reviewed it so I am saying now to everyone: play starry flowers. it's fucking amazing and you will not regret it

also I'm suuuuper hyped for the upcoming astragalus game and syrup 2!!

I love this, it’s got a great message :)

you can get the "normal end" by going straight to Vido and killing him

not sure about how to get the other one though

ahhhhh I loved it so so much, spica's my favorite but I also really liked haruka's date!

I can't wait to see more from milkkylemon :D

this game was so cute, my girlfriend is trans wlw and she reminds me of the mc, it made me happy to read this VN :D

I couldn't resist making my character's favorite scent fart (I am so sorry dkaljkfdkjllk)

how to get past the Talking time loop!

choice 2, then choice 3, then choice 1

And when you are looped back again, don't choose any options until the text "you do nothing" appears. Just repeat that until it brings you to the ending.

This game is cute, but Jesus Christ the talking thing took me so long to pass. I hope this helps anyone who needs it!