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Really enjoyed this game. Most horror games only have jumpscare monsters and loud noise, but this one is unique; the atmosphere puts you on edge, gives you goosebumps, also the pixelation and fish eye view adds up into it. I would love to see more games like this in the future and I'll be sure to check out your other games. Cheers. Also here's my gameplay video if you want to see my experience with it.
(EDIT: [probably not relevant] [also, spoilers] I've found a little bug where you can go through/phase through the door of the apartment when you got locked in. *around 5:45 in the video*)

I'm really excited seeing more of Detective Dammit and Detective Biche.
You've got lots of good games, and I'm really excited to play some of them. Also here's my gameplay video of this game, and I would love to play more games like this.

A good demo overall. It gives off that P.T. atmosphere, probably because of the realistic resources and environment, also the sudden movements in the background really puts you on edge. I love to see what game you'll make from this, I would definitely play it. Also if you don't mind, you can check out my gameplay.

Had fun playing the game. Still can't believe this was just made in 2 days. The puzzles were great, and I think people who didn't know Japanese probably took too long to solve the eyeball puzzle (or they coincidentally guessed it)

Overall a great game. Would love to see more games from the devs.

Also here's my gameplay video, if you're interested.

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Good game concept. Kinda sad that there's no update. Also it got a little repetitive, but it's a good game. Failing to cut someone's beard is hilarious.

Also here's my video if you want to see those hilarious moments.

Cool new mechanics, I would love to see the full version. Also I would love to see how they would utilize it's unique mechanics, if the full version happened. A story would be nice.

Also here's my gameplay video, if you'd like to watch it:

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Good game overall. I like the light mechanics of this game, it is new in puzzle platformers. It has a fantastic soundtrack. Can't wait for the full game to be released :D

Hope this game will be successful. Also, I did a playthrough of this, you can check it out if you want ;)
EDIT: The drop @ the last part was anticlimactic :(

I like this game, especially the ending. I think I got the good ending because nothing bad happened to my cute dog. Check out my playthrough if you want, also you can compare my ending with yours :D

A great game overall. I'm still amazed that it's just created for 3 days, wow. It is obvious that the developers have experience in creating horror games. The sound is so "crisp", the environment jumpscares got me most, then the twist at the end, legit creeped me out. Can't wait for more games :D. Also you can check out my playthrough, if you want :D

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Had a lot of blast playing this. It is good for a free, short game, and from what I experienced, the developers have a good sense of humor, tons of funny dialogues. This game awakened the demons inside me, THANKS GAME, just kidding. I would love to see the developers make more fun games like this. Also I made a playthrough of this, you can check it out if you want :D

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I ilke this game. I'd like to think of it as Papers Please, but on a different scenario. Overall, a good game. The mismatched ages and bios made the game hilarious and more fun to play. Also you can check out my playthrough if you want :D

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Nice atmosphere, like when you hear the footsteps in the background, it makes you feel tense, so you can't do your tasks properly. It works well when you have a good headphones on. Like this a lot, for a free horror game, this is really well made, because some horror games in 2016 are mostly P.T ripoffs, also he jumpscares really got me. Well done!! Also if you want, you can check out my playthrough of this game. :) Have a lovely day.

I like this game. I think people who work on offices can relate on how grueling it is to do the same process and lifestyle each day, and it makes those who aren't, aware on what's happening. It is a good game overall and it kinda amazed me that this game is singlehandedly made. Also you can check out my playthrough, if you want to :)