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Thank you for your reply!

Do you plan on ever allowing us to get the expedition crew to leave? It feels like this would be a useful feature that would make sense, flavor-wise.

Would you ever consider adding the ability to shut down buildings semi-permanently? As in, make it so that, as long as they're not turned back on, buildings remain shut-down even if there would otherwise be enough power for them?

There doesn't seem to be any way to get colonists out of the expedition vessel itself; even if the building is deactivated and there aren't any support employees, the vessel remains full. How do I get the colonists out?

Also, on the actual expedition screen, there's a toolbar on the left that shows you the status of your vessels. Is there any way to move it around? I'm worried that it might be covering up actual expeditions.

Finally, is there no way to avoid colonist deaths when the vessel is ambushed? Even when the vessel is at 100%, with full upgrades and zorium, a couple colonists die when the vessel is ambushed. Keeping all my colonists alive is really important to me. Could there be a way (even if prohibitively expensive) to help the vessel escape from such ambushes with no casualties?

Thanks again!

Do Commendations do anything, besides being mission objectives?

Do expeditions "regenerate"? If you completely explore the map and do all the expeditions available, is there any benefit to keeping the expedition center?