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It's already been sed but I'm so surprised this game hasn't had much coverage it's awesome texas chainsaw massacre meets ps1 very fun game indie horror gold

Hilarious short horror experience good times be had

Great fun old skool horror game with a cool story and game mechanics also just realised its the same devs that made concluse which I was a fan of Aswell great job

Great demo makes you want more p.t and Fatal frame vibes were nice I have high expectations for this to be a great game good luck with development

Excellent fnaf parody horror and comedy is always such a great mix and this definetly supports that hilarious and scary

Ace game atmosphere very well done a nice short horror experience I look forward to seeing the full release thanks

Episode 2 was great I very much enjoyed episode 1 and this was Evan better can't wait for what's next indie horror gold

A really nice point and click mystery horor game fans of the twilight zone will be happy excited for episode 2

Excellent short horror experience atmosphere was amazing and the music
She was a spooky one! Indie horror gold

Really cool was nice seeing an silent horror film getting the dave microwaves touch alot of fun as they always are

A fun short game really cute and creepy at the same time good stuff

A very cool short horror game mood was set well and the art style was lovely

Very good game cool story but also very tasteful and well done mental health isn't always portrayed this well in horror

Very fun short horror experience a very cool concept and the cows were brilliant haha time well spent

Excellent short horror experience great graphics cool story generally scary and unsettling indie horror gold

Good game a nice short horror experience epic graphics and 90s nostalgia I was a fan of ok/normal aswell so I look forward to what's next

Yea i enjoyed it was a cool game atmosphere done well and the style with the graphics was cool and I liked the story reminded me of chernobyl diaries in a way I look forward to full release thanks

Another great Dave microwaves game same great style and always nice when it's a spongebob game I'll be honest struggled with this one

A great survival game great atmosphere very creepy and fun and the graphics suited it well

Cool game a nice short horror experience atmosphere was strong

Great game i felt it payed homage to the thing which was a nice touch and the management was well done excellent game

I remember playing this before in early development and I loved it then the idea of using a camera to scope your surroundings to progress is epic so pleasant to see you added the voice acting and buffed the graphics and added abit of comedy to it gonna be awesome good luck with kickstarter

A nice short horror experience realy well done great atmosphere made and just doing a test whilst playing a game was great also the music choice on the radio was a real nice touch

Alot of fun the enemies where awesome and wicked fun with the flashlight mechanics cool map and i thunk the atmosphere was realy well done thanks great game

IMMURE community · Created a new topic Demo gameplay

realy well done cool game art style was great awesome Mechanics definetly gonna be a fun creepy adventure highly recomend

yea can see why this is popular epic silent hill inspired short horror experience highly recommend also immense graphics

Epic short horror experience amazing atmosphere created and it was nice seeing a 3rd person game as well and the monster was horrible generally scary excellent game

Absolute belter of a game as someone already sed it did feel like do you copy but there was sum originality to it such a fun game love the navigating aspect highly recommend

INCUBO was an excellent platfomer with a creepy atmosphere and cool story reminded me of limbo but with an art style similar to Fran bow

Cool game definetly Amnesia inspired I thought the atmosphere was done realy well the jumpscares got me and a nice short indie horror experience

The best part of these cartoon horror games is seeing the world's remade into a game and this was done realy well great fun marge was a spooky cow

Fun game best way to describe it is an interactive test I loved the map very victorian London and the questions were done well overall cool game and art style

This demo was just a sneak peak but it was fun nice seeing Baldi again but the realy exciting part is we are getting a full game very exciting Full play through vid:

Excellent puzzle based horror!!!! The puzzles were realy well done in this and it was great interacting with the toys and and objects indie horror gold

Excellent silent hill inspired horror game strong atmosphere the siren was so great to hear again cool creepy game

Excellent short horror experience I'm not a fan of mannequins but I feel they were used realy well here if that's what u can call them alot of effort has been put into this very cool game

A nice short horror experience cool little story very creepy I did get stuck at times and didn't know what I was doing but when I did it was awesome can tell alot of work has been put into this a fun little game

Excellent game realy nice old skool platforming with horror elements another great game by appsir highly recomend