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Awesome terrifying game but i just adored the story such an original concept a chilling adventure indie horror gold

Classic game with a fun update cant complain

Fun short indie horror game loved the 90s vibes and the camera machanics got the spooks

Excellent short indie horror experience

Realy nailed that cyberpunk feel which isnt easy to do with good horror elements story seems good so far good luck with development

Great fun the fnaf style but being able to actually move about made it a realy solid experience and the pixelated graphics were a nice touch also the sounds were fantastic

This game was pure Happyness so much fun and great wee story and characters

I thought it was realy good realy spooky little adventure game the best part was knowing its gonna get expanded it'll be great good Times

Epic short indie horror experience loved it awesome to hear theres gonna be a sequel happy days

Great game mechanics switching from worlds to progress in the game was excellent really cool

It was fun loved the puzzles and pretty spooky!!!

From the demo it looks like it will be a realy cool game scary and fun

Just a solid experience the atmosphere created was immense and that voice if that's what you could call it pure class

Realy cool creepy and trippy horror game awesome loved it

This was a realy weird game haha but it was fun a nice short indie horror experience

Epic ps1 style horror game the fixed camera angles and tank controls were great to see again and I loved how it went from silent hill into a crazy chase horror game

Very fun short indie horror experience fun visuals and puzzles indie horror gold

Quite epic cult horror game something I wish we could see more in the indie horror genre very cool story this game was the tits

Thanks for watching it means alot I also love that you changed the name to mr twigs haha

Real fun short indie horror and Great seeing a scarecrow being used I thought his AI was realy cool he brung quite the challenge

Very cool short FMV found footage horror game it was awesome and looked like alot of fun to make good stuff

I adored this the pacing was really done well there isn't really much to the story but the gameplay alone still made it an enjoyable experience high expectations for this one only critism is I wasn't a fan of the battery mechanics for the flashlight

Tasteful mental health horror game done well but also very fun comical and a lovely art style with good voice acting and the horror elements were good

Epic trippy text based adventure I highly recommend anyone play this it's just fantastic mad respect to the person who made this would drink there brain

Cool exploration horror game massive level design with awesome pixelated graphics

Very cool chill exploration horror game and it looked realy nice ledge game

Awesome great remake and it was just so nice to play it again great work

That means alot man glad you enjoyed it good luck with what you do next

This game took me back from the cutscene to the gameplay realy got the old ps1 90s game vibes very well done I have purchased the game and can't wait to play more

Realy fun scary cool story the boat was so nice and safe great game loved it

Very cool short indie horror solid atmosphere and just a fun puzzle based spooky game can see why it's popular

Another great dave microwaves game never got round to playing the original so this was a fun experience I thought it was awesome same great style thanks

Thank you for watching my vid and good luck with your future plans great game pal 

Hilarious meme game with a nice Christmas setting mad respect to the ledges that keep making these silly games

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A cool short horror experience fun little story cool game mechanics a surprise awesome chase scene I realy liked it sum Of the cutscenes went on for abit too long in my opinion but generally I enjoyed my experience good times

I also recommend tagging this game as horror it would get more coverage

Excellent interactive short indie horror loved the investigating and puzzles got some red dragon vibes good times good game

Epic short indie horror experience as already stated very cool monster I loved the ps1 graphics and yea silent hill vibes loved it!

Adored this game if your a fan of story driven adventures this is your game especially if your a fan of cults

Cool game good concept exactly what it sounds like spooky stairs with jumpscares and I got a few spooks and I thought it was funny at times would of liked it to be abit shorter but I enjoyed my experience

Realy enjoyed this felt like P. T but with ps1 graphics also similar to paratopic loved the VHS stuff love anything with retro 90s vibes excited for full release good luck with development