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realy cool short indie horror

Gameplay starts at 7 mins of my vid

This was awesone great fun!
Gameplay of my vid starts at 9.52

Realy cool game definetly a weird one but very original and hella fun gameplay starts in my vid at 4.07

Epic comedy horror thay breaks the 4th wall had a good time playing this

So far so good realy solid slenderman game beautiful graphics aswell the hype is real

I think you made a realy cool game it had a great atmosphere and terrifying at times and the odd jumpscare definetly felt P.T and layers of fear vibes for somone so young you did a good job the only bug i encountered was i fell off at the music box i made a video if you want to watch gameplay starts at 4.41 for your game

It was a good game funny and scary at times Gameplay at 9.56

Short fun comedy horror loved it

Greay demo for a great game! The characters the setting gameplay indie horror gold

I actually had a great time playing this it was hilarious and scary at times

Loved the retro vhs style of the game very cool trippy experience

Excellent short horror experience
Indie horror gold

Blew me away atmosphere and tension was well done very scary moments and wow the graphics were beautiful cannot wait for the full game good luck my dudes

Very well done yumme nikki fan game the dream worlds looked awesome

Awesome style realy reminded me of the old japanese horror films and i enjoyed the return mechanic and worlds created great game

Cant beat a good creepy point and click adventure the art style was fantastic looking forward to playing the rest of the games of this series

If ya mix nightmare before christmas and rpgmaker then u get this its just fantastic the quirky levels are off the charts and sum great references yss i had a good time playing this game lol

I realy enjoyed snake so was realy  happy to see that goat was out and it was awesome another great short story cant wait for more just a fantastic style

Playing this demo you can tell this is gonna be a great game
Compelling story interesting characters realy fun mechanic's good stuff

Nice throwback to the old 4chan creepypasta days loved the game spooky fun times

Realy well put together looks greaylt fun story and i loved the perma death and the turn based combat big fan of darkest dungeon so was good times

Realy well done the atmosphere and the sounds realy made it unsettling short fun indie horror

I had a realy good time playing this very quirky and the characters were realy cool i hope everything goes well and i look forward to the full release thanks

Great fun hilarious and scary the anime slender game haha i played the android version only critism is the controls but i get that android controls arent great generally so good game all round chaps

Cracking game great to see the pixelated style like your other games and i loved the challenge the levels were realy well done cant wait for the full release

Good little story i thought it was realy funny and creepy havent played a visual novel in a while so was nice stumbling onto this

wow thanks dude thats means alot to me i realy enjoyed ya game :)

Epic ps1 horror game throwback i wish the resident evil remasters where done like this
Great style and i loved the story it was good times looking forward to more

This was amazing cool story and loved the characters look forward to the the next installment good luck

Best way to describe this is minecraft with granny so much fun theres crafting, survival and horror alot of effort has been put into this good stuff

Funny and scary short indie horror experience

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I hope production and kickstarter goes well because this was awesome silent hill inspired 2d horror game cant complain

Good game loved how weird it got and loved the pixels thanks

Epic short indie horror game the comedy mix with it was also ace great fun highly recommend

Awesome terrifying game but i just adored the story such an original concept a chilling adventure indie horror gold

Classic game with a fun update cant complain

Fun short indie horror game loved the 90s vibes and the camera machanics got the spooks

Excellent short indie horror experience

Great fun the fnaf style but being able to actually move about made it a realy solid experience and the pixelated graphics were a nice touch also the sounds were fantastic